Jul 30 2003

And all my love to our darling Otis. Come up. Soon. (kisses and hugs)

Jul 30 2003

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the idea of being a Bright. A Bright is a person who is not religious. I do happen to fall into this category, being an atheist, but I’m not so sure I’m happy about it. Not only do I object to the stupid word they chose, but I’m also not sure I’m enough of a joiner to belong to a group like this. Or a group. Period. Groups do stupid things that individuals never would. Part of the reason I became an atheist is that I thought the idea of a group of people joined together by the belief in a magical being in the sky was scary and absurd. Is this so much better? The idea behind the “Bright movement” is to give irreligious people a word that has better connotations than “atheist” or “agnostic”, but at least those words are accurate. Most of us seem to be surly bitches anyway, why do we care what people call us? I ‘ve certainly been called worse things than “atheist”. Oddly enough, I have decided that, if the Bright movement takes off, they need to have a political party. I feel that the best person to be the first presidential candidate would be …Me. I thank you for your votes. You may send campaign money to…

Jul 28 2003

I feel that, for the sake of anyone reading this that doesn’t know me, I should explain the links that I have here. Johhny Logic is my amazing husband. We have been together since the senior year of high school (which is about 6 years and 10 months by now). We have never officially married because we have a hard time believing that a piece of paper would make us more official than how we feel about each other. We did have a beautiful wedding ceremony for our friends and family two years ago. It was held in my prent’s back yard (which is a bit more grand than it sounds) and our fabulous friend Otis was the officiant.

Speaking of Otis, you can check out his blog at the greenapronmonkey link. Otis and I have known each other since at least kindergarten. We, more or less, lived in the same neighborhood. He helped me look for my puppy once. We lost touch when I went to private school in fifth grade. We didn’t meet up again until I started dating John and Otis happened to be one of his best friends. I think he’s fantastic. We also knew each other in High school, but never terribly well. I look forward to the chance of getting to know her better in the next few years.

I have already introduced Josh, so I won’t embarrass him again. He was also in our wedding as one of the best men.

The Bust link goes to the only magazine I would ever pay to read. I have a subscription I treasure.

Cydwoq is a company that we carry at my shoe store. I think it’s a really amazing little shoe line and one that I feel I can stand behind. Shoes handmade in California for under $300? THat’s a bargain! (No Joke.)

I have lots more to write but perhaps I should save it. If you would like to e- mail me you can use the Johnny Logic link and e- mail from there. I just don’t have it set up here yet.

Jul 28 2003

So, my boss is leaving for the shoe show. THere are no words to describe how jealous I am. I would do almost anything to go. Yet, alas, I am too valuable in the store to be allowed to go, or so she tells me.

There are some exciting things coming up for me, though. First, my mummy is coming up so that we can do a mother/daughter art show. I am very excited to see the new work she has been doing. THen, a little later in the month, my lovely friends Hannah and Brian will be up from New Mexico to visit. It has been too long and too few phone calls since last we saw them. It looks as if we’ll go camping for a few days. We always meant to all go camping together when they still lived up here but we never got around to it. I guess it takes them moving ou of the state to make it happen- go figure. At least camping is cheap. I really like camping. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Well, I have just a little something to get off my chest about shoes. I HATE CLOGS! I don’t care who made them or how “cute” you think they are- they are NOT! What is the obsession with clogs? I just don’t get it. Especially Dansko clogs. THey are butt- ugly and not even comfortable! At least , if you must wear clogs, buy a brand that gives a little comfort. I haven’t worn my clogs for almost a year now. I would rather wear a pair of 4 inch spike heels for 10 hours than put my foot in a clog. BARF. I only bring this up because it seems like everybody who comes into the store wants a goddamn pair of clogs. THey exclude other cuter, more comfortable shoes in favor of them. At least Josh is aware that he is staging a war against fashion(and I love him for it). THese women have no clue. Let us all become more aware of the kitsch that surrounds us. Embrace it. Nurture it. But always know it for what it is.

Jul 25 2003

One knows one is poor when one goes to Costco, gets a temporary card (because one is also forgetful) and uses most of the last of ones money to buy an enormous block of cheddar cheese so that one will not starve during the week before payday. I hate the week before payday. I better really love cheddar cheese.

What I do like is the word “monkey”. It is a mark of a strong relationship when a couple can have a ten minute discussion about the merits of the word monkey over those of the word ape. Ape is a good word, but just not funny.

I continue to really like the girl who I am training at work. She likes Radiohead and the Eels. She wears pink shoes. She is very funny. She reminds me of Claire often. I really miss Claire. I think Claire and I were never really given the chance to have a good friendship, or maybe she just thinks I smell. I hope that maybe we can get together when John and I move back to our home- town, that is, if the second part isn’t true. I just don’t like girls very often. It is rare to find one that is strange enough, smart enough, tomboy-ish enough yet girly enough all in one package who also likes gin- and- tonics and scotch. THere apparently just aren’t that many out there!

So, I saw that Josh wrote about me on his page. Well, I’ll have to return the favor. Josh is the man who has done more for the fight against fashion than any other I have ever known. Bald head and aviator sunglasses?- LOVE it! I would submit him to Queer eye for the straight guy except that I think it would take away from who Josh really is if he changed. Also one of the nicest guys without a girlfriend I have ever met. See, Josh sweetie, not many girls get the whole war on fashion thing. I certainly appreciate it, but I knew you in high school (and you now is a big improvment on you in the lesbian school photo)(don’t ask). I vote Josh the person I would most like to buy a Guiness and a whiskey in an Irish pub. Go see his very funny blog- page at the Slack Bastard link near the top of this page.

Anyway, I’m finished writing. We are getting new shoes in at work so I’m sure I’ll have more to say about that soon!

Jul 23 2003

My beautiful, brilliant husband, John, just recieved notification that his abstract was accepted to the Computers and Philosophy conference in Australia for late October of this year. I am the proudest wife on Earth and everyone will be hearing about it. You’ll all have to tell me to shut up several times before I’ll stop.

Jul 23 2003

I started training a new girl at work today. I (fortunately) really like her. She works really hard and voluntarily swept the sidewalk for me! I also got bitched out at work today. THe daily bank deposits were showing a time of after 10 o’clock on them, when the store has to be open by 10. Basically, it looked like I was coming into work very late every day. In truth, I have been coming in nearly half an hour early every day just to do cleaning and do the deposits. I hate being accused of bad things I haven’t done. If I’m going to be bitched out I at least want to have deserved it. My boss can be a really lovely woman, but I think she is terribly paranoid about people taking advantage of her. I absolutely never would, but, somehow, she just doesn’t trust me. I don’t know what I did wrong. My job would be great if I she could just have some faith in me.

Speaking of Faith, do you ever want to ask someone you’ve just met a delicate question, but you think it might make things too akward after? I really want to ask my new co-worker if she is religious so I can then speak freely, but, if she is religious, she might get offended. It’s not that I have really bad things to say about christians, it’s just that I sometimes make comments. My boss is an atheist so I am used to being able to say anything around her, but it is too soon to tell with the new girl. Maybe I’ll wait a couple days and see if she wears some nasty cross to work or something. I hope she doesn’t.

This morning made me sick to be an American again. I was watching Regis and Kelly as I got dressed for work in the living room. Regis held up a pictue of Hussein’s sons and announced that they had been killed. The entire audience screamed and cheered. I heard whistles. Now, I’m not saying that these were nice guys. Maybe the world IS better without them- I don’t know. They seem to have committed some pretty hideous atrocities, but how can we forget that they were still HUMANS. They had people who loved them, too. Maybe we can breathe a sigh of relief not having to worry about what they’ll do next, but do you have to cheer? I think I just have to move to France. I’ll get a little house in a village in the Provincial region, near the south for easy access to the Riviera. My family will live on one side of us, my friends on the other and John’s family across the street. I’ll ride the train to Italy and have custom boots made. That’s the life. Yeah, we’ll have to live among the cheese- eating surrender monkeys, but it’s such a small price to pay.

(P.S. Please, if you are French, do not take offense. The surrender monkey line was only used for humorous effect. The French are a fine, noble people and at least monkeys are better than (american) scum.)

Jul 22 2003

On a subtler note, I have been trying to teach myself Flash, but the lessons won’t all work and the book really stinks. SO far I have made a cat that wags its tail. I like the cat- it looks like a mongrel. I feel an affinity with the cat.

John has been driving lately. He’s doing really well. I think he does better when he’s on his own than when he’s with me. I like it when he has the independence of being able to take the car. It’s sexy.

The four- kinds-of-rock guy came back to the store today. I think he might be really serious about having me sing for his band. I think he also may have thought I was single. We’ll see if I ever hear from him again now that I’m sure he knows I’m married.

I ate too much chocolate tonight so I had to do sit ups to make up for it. Isn’t that stupid? Why did I eat it in the first place? I knew I would feel guilty! On a good note, I did fit into a size 6 yesterday (down from a 12!). I almost bought the pants just because I could zip them up and they said 6 on the label. What a sad, sick little life I lead…

MAybe next time I’ll write about Gloria, the Uber- bitch who tried to hit me with her shopping bags!

Jul 22 2003

I work in a shoe store. I love shoes. I am a shoe addict. THere is almost nothing that bothers me more than when customers THROW shoes!It hasn’t happened just once, Ohno, it happens nearly every day! Women, too fucking lazy to bend over, pick shoes off the shelves and throw them on the ground to try on. They throw shoes back on the shelves. THey throw shoes across the room. They throw shoes at me! Why do they feel that this is appropriate behavior in my shop? They wouldn’t go into a china store and throw things. “I don’t like this pattern. take it back” *Crash* No, so why do they throw shoes?

And another thing, when shoes are on sale don’t be surprised if you can’t find your size. THat’s why they’re on sale, dip-shit!

Jul 21 2003

And, about the color of my page. Those of you who take exception to my choice of background colors obviously have an under- developed sense of your feminine side and of kitsch. I wasn’t about to fall prey completely to those who desire to be daring with their blog/home pages by having white type on black backgrounds (some are my best friends, actually). Where is your sense of excitement? Where is your war on good taste when we really need it? I do not apologize for the pink. I sit here in my pink plaid p.j. bottoms and my pink tank top relishing your potential distaste. And if you like it… woo- hoo! You like me! YOu really LIKE me!