Jul 22 2003

On a subtler note, I have been trying to teach myself Flash, but the lessons won’t all work and the book really stinks. SO far I have made a cat that wags its tail. I like the cat- it looks like a mongrel. I feel an affinity with the cat.

John has been driving lately. He’s doing really well. I think he does better when he’s on his own than when he’s with me. I like it when he has the independence of being able to take the car. It’s sexy.

The four- kinds-of-rock guy came back to the store today. I think he might be really serious about having me sing for his band. I think he also may have thought I was single. We’ll see if I ever hear from him again now that I’m sure he knows I’m married.

I ate too much chocolate tonight so I had to do sit ups to make up for it. Isn’t that stupid? Why did I eat it in the first place? I knew I would feel guilty! On a good note, I did fit into a size 6 yesterday (down from a 12!). I almost bought the pants just because I could zip them up and they said 6 on the label. What a sad, sick little life I lead…

MAybe next time I’ll write about Gloria, the Uber- bitch who tried to hit me with her shopping bags!

Jul 22 2003

I work in a shoe store. I love shoes. I am a shoe addict. THere is almost nothing that bothers me more than when customers THROW shoes!It hasn’t happened just once, Ohno, it happens nearly every day! Women, too fucking lazy to bend over, pick shoes off the shelves and throw them on the ground to try on. They throw shoes back on the shelves. THey throw shoes across the room. They throw shoes at me! Why do they feel that this is appropriate behavior in my shop? They wouldn’t go into a china store and throw things. “I don’t like this pattern. take it back” *Crash* No, so why do they throw shoes?

And another thing, when shoes are on sale don’t be surprised if you can’t find your size. THat’s why they’re on sale, dip-shit!