Jul 23 2003

My beautiful, brilliant husband, John, just recieved notification that his abstract was accepted to the Computers and Philosophy conference in Australia for late October of this year. I am the proudest wife on Earth and everyone will be hearing about it. You’ll all have to tell me to shut up several times before I’ll stop.

Jul 23 2003

I started training a new girl at work today. I (fortunately) really like her. She works really hard and voluntarily swept the sidewalk for me! I also got bitched out at work today. THe daily bank deposits were showing a time of after 10 o’clock on them, when the store has to be open by 10. Basically, it looked like I was coming into work very late every day. In truth, I have been coming in nearly half an hour early every day just to do cleaning and do the deposits. I hate being accused of bad things I haven’t done. If I’m going to be bitched out I at least want to have deserved it. My boss can be a really lovely woman, but I think she is terribly paranoid about people taking advantage of her. I absolutely never would, but, somehow, she just doesn’t trust me. I don’t know what I did wrong. My job would be great if I she could just have some faith in me.

Speaking of Faith, do you ever want to ask someone you’ve just met a delicate question, but you think it might make things too akward after? I really want to ask my new co-worker if she is religious so I can then speak freely, but, if she is religious, she might get offended. It’s not that I have really bad things to say about christians, it’s just that I sometimes make comments. My boss is an atheist so I am used to being able to say anything around her, but it is too soon to tell with the new girl. Maybe I’ll wait a couple days and see if she wears some nasty cross to work or something. I hope she doesn’t.

This morning made me sick to be an American again. I was watching Regis and Kelly as I got dressed for work in the living room. Regis held up a pictue of Hussein’s sons and announced that they had been killed. The entire audience screamed and cheered. I heard whistles. Now, I’m not saying that these were nice guys. Maybe the world IS better without them- I don’t know. They seem to have committed some pretty hideous atrocities, but how can we forget that they were still HUMANS. They had people who loved them, too. Maybe we can breathe a sigh of relief not having to worry about what they’ll do next, but do you have to cheer? I think I just have to move to France. I’ll get a little house in a village in the Provincial region, near the south for easy access to the Riviera. My family will live on one side of us, my friends on the other and John’s family across the street. I’ll ride the train to Italy and have custom boots made. That’s the life. Yeah, we’ll have to live among the cheese- eating surrender monkeys, but it’s such a small price to pay.

(P.S. Please, if you are French, do not take offense. The surrender monkey line was only used for humorous effect. The French are a fine, noble people and at least monkeys are better than (american) scum.)