Jul 25 2003

One knows one is poor when one goes to Costco, gets a temporary card (because one is also forgetful) and uses most of the last of ones money to buy an enormous block of cheddar cheese so that one will not starve during the week before payday. I hate the week before payday. I better really love cheddar cheese.

What I do like is the word “monkey”. It is a mark of a strong relationship when a couple can have a ten minute discussion about the merits of the word monkey over those of the word ape. Ape is a good word, but just not funny.

I continue to really like the girl who I am training at work. She likes Radiohead and the Eels. She wears pink shoes. She is very funny. She reminds me of Claire often. I really miss Claire. I think Claire and I were never really given the chance to have a good friendship, or maybe she just thinks I smell. I hope that maybe we can get together when John and I move back to our home- town, that is, if the second part isn’t true. I just don’t like girls very often. It is rare to find one that is strange enough, smart enough, tomboy-ish enough yet girly enough all in one package who also likes gin- and- tonics and scotch. THere apparently just aren’t that many out there!

So, I saw that Josh wrote about me on his page. Well, I’ll have to return the favor. Josh is the man who has done more for the fight against fashion than any other I have ever known. Bald head and aviator sunglasses?- LOVE it! I would submit him to Queer eye for the straight guy except that I think it would take away from who Josh really is if he changed. Also one of the nicest guys without a girlfriend I have ever met. See, Josh sweetie, not many girls get the whole war on fashion thing. I certainly appreciate it, but I knew you in high school (and you now is a big improvment on you in the lesbian school photo)(don’t ask). I vote Josh the person I would most like to buy a Guiness and a whiskey in an Irish pub. Go see his very funny blog- page at the Slack Bastard link near the top of this page.

Anyway, I’m finished writing. We are getting new shoes in at work so I’m sure I’ll have more to say about that soon!