Jul 28 2003

I feel that, for the sake of anyone reading this that doesn’t know me, I should explain the links that I have here. Johhny Logic is my amazing husband. We have been together since the senior year of high school (which is about 6 years and 10 months by now). We have never officially married because we have a hard time believing that a piece of paper would make us more official than how we feel about each other. We did have a beautiful wedding ceremony for our friends and family two years ago. It was held in my prent’s back yard (which is a bit more grand than it sounds) and our fabulous friend Otis was the officiant.

Speaking of Otis, you can check out his blog at the greenapronmonkey link. Otis and I have known each other since at least kindergarten. We, more or less, lived in the same neighborhood. He helped me look for my puppy once. We lost touch when I went to private school in fifth grade. We didn’t meet up again until I started dating John and Otis happened to be one of his best friends. I think he’s fantastic. We also knew each other in High school, but never terribly well. I look forward to the chance of getting to know her better in the next few years.

I have already introduced Josh, so I won’t embarrass him again. He was also in our wedding as one of the best men.

The Bust link goes to the only magazine I would ever pay to read. I have a subscription I treasure.

Cydwoq is a company that we carry at my shoe store. I think it’s a really amazing little shoe line and one that I feel I can stand behind. Shoes handmade in California for under $300? THat’s a bargain! (No Joke.)

I have lots more to write but perhaps I should save it. If you would like to e- mail me you can use the Johnny Logic link and e- mail from there. I just don’t have it set up here yet.

Jul 28 2003

So, my boss is leaving for the shoe show. THere are no words to describe how jealous I am. I would do almost anything to go. Yet, alas, I am too valuable in the store to be allowed to go, or so she tells me.

There are some exciting things coming up for me, though. First, my mummy is coming up so that we can do a mother/daughter art show. I am very excited to see the new work she has been doing. THen, a little later in the month, my lovely friends Hannah and Brian will be up from New Mexico to visit. It has been too long and too few phone calls since last we saw them. It looks as if we’ll go camping for a few days. We always meant to all go camping together when they still lived up here but we never got around to it. I guess it takes them moving ou of the state to make it happen- go figure. At least camping is cheap. I really like camping. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Well, I have just a little something to get off my chest about shoes. I HATE CLOGS! I don’t care who made them or how “cute” you think they are- they are NOT! What is the obsession with clogs? I just don’t get it. Especially Dansko clogs. THey are butt- ugly and not even comfortable! At least , if you must wear clogs, buy a brand that gives a little comfort. I haven’t worn my clogs for almost a year now. I would rather wear a pair of 4 inch spike heels for 10 hours than put my foot in a clog. BARF. I only bring this up because it seems like everybody who comes into the store wants a goddamn pair of clogs. THey exclude other cuter, more comfortable shoes in favor of them. At least Josh is aware that he is staging a war against fashion(and I love him for it). THese women have no clue. Let us all become more aware of the kitsch that surrounds us. Embrace it. Nurture it. But always know it for what it is.