Aug 05 2003

I’ve let you all down! I haven’t written in a while, but I have a good excuse. My mother was here for a couple days and we had a really lovely visit. I am so sad right now that she has left that I am drunk. John and I had to make nachos and a big(very strong) batch of daquiris to help take my mind off of it. I miss her very much.

But, I do have a good story. On Friday I helped a customer with a pair of Chacos. As she was trying on the sandals she started wiggling and asked if she could use the bathroom. Because of previous problems, we no longer allow our customers to use the bathroom. I told her, as usual, that the bathroom was out of order. She said no problem, I’ll just run over to the restaurant next door when we’re finished here. She paid for her shoes and left. A few minutes later I went over to the couch where she had been sitting. This particular couch is actually a rustic wooden bench with dark blue silk throw pillows to cushion the seat and two big leopard print pillows- one for each corner. I noticed that one of the leopard print pillows was misplaced and picked it up to put it back. But, when I looked underneath, I froze. There was a huge, dark, WET spot where this woman had been sitting. She had PISSED on my mother- fucking couch and left it for me to clean up! SHe wasn’t old- she couldn’t have been more than 60 (probably in her late fifties). She wasn’t wierd- she was dressed nicely and (mostly)behaved properly. Why, oh god, why did she piss on my pillow? We will never know, but I’m the lucky one who got to bring it home with me to see if the dry- cleanr can do anything about it. I feel so privileged.

Off to drunken TV watching with the love of my life. If Hannah is reading this- give us a call. If it’s any of the guys- come up and visit, you bastards. We’ll feed you! (If that doesn’t work, tell me what bribe will!)