Aug 10 2003

A guy came into the store yesterday and started checking out shoes (it IS a shoe store). When I went over to help him, he started explaining that he was dissapointed with the cologne selection in this town and that he now has to go to San Fransisco to buy his $90 cologne. Why he thought this would mean anything to me, I don’t know. He then asked me if I had any shoe recommendations. I asked him what his price range was and he said “Oh, about $80″! What kind of man spends more on his perfume than his shoes? Here’s a tip: girls like it if you smell nice (though he smelled like a whorehouse), but smelling clean is really good enough. It is more important that you dress nicely- it sounds shallow, but it makes such a huge, often subconscious, difference. I ended up going out with John and my lovely new friend Nicole later. While I was sitting at the bar telling Nicole this story, I realized that the guy was right behind me! I don’t know if he heard me (I do tend to get a little loud when I drink), but I kind of don’t think he did. He still smelled like a chemical spill, but he was dressed up. He had a dark pewter silk shirt and nice black slacks … and the ugliest shoes. His whole look was ruined. THe lesson? You can wear ugly clothes and get by if you have nice shoes, but no outfit works with ugly shoes. For this revelation, you are welcome.

Like I said, we went out with Nicole last night. In the first bar, she knew the bartender. ALways, always go drinking with somebody who is friends with the bartender! John had two drinks, I had three and Nicole had four (Nicole and I share a fondness for gin and tonics). But the bartender started practicing on us, too. He made us two practice drinks (both pretty good) and would give us the remainder every time he would make a drink for another customer in the mixer that was too big for the glass. It was great! When we asked for the bill, he looked at the three of us and said “$20 for all of you.” I wanted to kiss him (he did make strong drinks) but he is very gay and really wouldn’t have appreciated it. We then moved on to chicken soft tacos with the young golfer Nicole befriended in the first bar. After the spicy salsa, we sauntered over to the second bar, called the Shanty. The Shanty is not what you would call a high class establishment. It’s, frankly,pretty filthy, but seemes to perform its function as a meat market rather well. Nicole and I had a conversation about what a bad dater she is- picking scumbags and all. I told her that she really needed to start looking for nicer guys. She froze, looked at me and said “have you been looking around tonight?” I suddenly realized that I really DON’T look at men that way anymore. I have blinders for anyone but John. They’ve all become brothers or something. I looked around the bar and had to admit that they all looked like CRAP. Granted, maybe the bar scene isn’t so great for finding true love, but none of them even seemed to be candidates. It was depressing and gross. I used to wonder what it would be like if I hadn’t met John so early. Thank you to Nicole and one night at the bars for curing me of that! So today is a recovery day. I had A LOT of “distilled” fun last night and didn’t sleep very well. Poor Nicole has to work today!

Oh, by the way guys, we are coming down to the home- town next Saturday night. We won’t be there for long, but maybe we can find a way to get together.