Jan 01 2004

We are finally getting settled in our new house. Already having trouble with the landlord- not a good sign. My faith in good, fair people was restored when we received our security deposit back in full from our previous landlord. He could have ripped us off saying that we caused his house to be full of mold (it was from the minute we moved in- probably for years before, too) but he didn’t. He thanked us for how clean we had left it, in fact. I busted my ass on that place- and thank you to my Mom who did wonders with the kitchen. It’s really not that we never cleaned or that we were really dirty, but a house whose walls hold black mold can never truly be kept clean. The walls dripped no matter how much bleach we used. Have you ever had to use soft scrub on your walls? I have.

Now we are living with my sister and her son. My sister has been using my stuff too much, but I have been having such a good time being around her that I haven’t complained a whole lot (maybe a little). Spencer, my nephew, would only say (or scream) “NO, Dani” for the first week we were here. He’s two. I think he was confused by the move and by me looking so much like his mother but not being her. I have since taken him out shopping for popsicles and rental movies and have gained his highness’ approval. I have now had the privilege of having my nose crushed while serving as his personal jungle gym/trampoline. He didn’t really mean to crush my nose, but it still hurt like hell. I’m afraid I’m going to leave here after six months looking like a prize fighter, but without any of the fame. C’est la vie. It is amazing, though, how much I can love this little (relatively) hairless monkey who screams and cries and pisses and shits himself. You ‘d think that it would turn me off of having one of my own, but it’s exactly the opposite (John groans in terror). All is forgiven when he grins and giggles, pretends to be a doggie, says “Thank you, Dani”, pulls on my leg to show me something or gives me a kiss goodnight. His charm is dangerously irresistible.

Since we’ve moved in we’ve been watching masses of movies, blowing buckets of snot out of our noses from the colds we got almost instantly and doing little in the way of unpacking. The kitchen is finished, though, and is very nice. I made a stellar (if I may say so) shrimp corn chowder the other night that my sister can’t stop eating- the best compliment. If I thought that I could stand chopping my fingers off and burning myself all the time I might think about going to cooking school. I seethe with envy for Tom who has been. I guess I will just remain undiscovered and make my family happy.

I have a job now that is paying me more than I have ever been paid in my life. I will be doing Human Resources work. I think it should be interesting. I haven’t had an office job for a long time, but I think it suits my anal nature. I love doing inventory. I love adding machines. I love comparison shopping. I love typing lists. It’s so satisfying. You can really see the results from the time you spent. It’s relaxing.

We are pretty much ready for visitors. Our lovely friend Whitney will be coming in a few days and I am gagging with antici….pation. (sorry, I couldn’t resist) We have a rather large place with lots of room for overnight visitors- futon and floor. We also have a second bathroom that we never use. We’d love some company up here in dullsville. Give us a ring sometime.

Oh yeah- Happy new year.