Oct 22 2004

For those who don’t know, I am now a full time associate at the Ohio Township Home Depot. It’s like any other job in that it partly sucks and is partly fun. It is fun because I don’t have to think much and I like my co-workers a lot. It sucks because of everything else. I got a call last night from the Steelers telling me that I am still in line for the assistant job there. If I don’t get that, I am thinking that I will stay at the Depot and maybe try to get an apprenticship with one of the MANY funeral homes in town. (Oh, how I would love to be an embalmer!) We have about four funeral homes within easy walking distance from my house. How does one go about asking for a job at a funeral home wothout sounding like a freak? Do you actually write “No, I am not a necrophiliac”?

Speaking of necrophiliacs, I am going as Snow White for the MANDATORY dress up day at Home Depot. I thought about going as something gorier, but then I realized that a lot of very little kids would be coming to the store and that I might have an easier time winning the contest as something pleasant. We also sell Disney paint, so I am very “company spirited”.

Can’t imagine that of me? Well, I’m angling for a raise.

I’ve made my entire costume from scratch without a pattern. It has actually come out fairly well. I’ll get John to take some pictures.