Mar 04 2005

I’m BACK! I’m BACK in the saddle ag… Why does that shit come into my head? WHY?!

I finally figured out my username and password to be able to get into this bloody account. That is what has been keeping me away more than anything. I doubt that anyone even reads this anymore, but I felt like I should start keeping a journal of my time being pregnant so I can look back on it and remind myself why I don’t want to do it twice.

I feel a little silly having the name Heels now, since I really haven’t even worn any lately. I feel so nauseous these days that it is a struggle to even come to work, let alone dress up or have to battle with high heels. It’s a shame, really, but I just can’t get up the energy to feel that guilty about it.

I am REALLY glad I don’t work at Home Depot anymore, though. At least here I can sit down all day and go to the Ladies whenever I need to (about every half hour). I’m also positioned right next to the water cooler so I can be sure of being plenty hydrated. They don’t LET me pick up heavy things. I haven’t told anyone here, yet. I’m really afraid to. I know that they legally can’t fire me for being pregnant, but they could make things very uncomfortable. I guess I’ll know in about 6 weeks when I finally break the news, unless it comes out sooner.

I’m at the end of my sixth week of being pregnant. It’s funny, how they date pregnancies. For those of you who don’t know, the minute a woman concieves she is automatically, magically TWO WEEKS PREGNANT. How does that work? Don’t ask me. One second the baby isn’t even there, the next second it’s two weeks old. Pregnancy is mystifying. So, at six weeks, my baby is about 1/17 of an inch long. I guess it is supposed to TRIPLE in size this next week. I’m sure that just means more cramps for dear old mommy. It probably also means that I will graduate from nausea to vomiting. C’est la vie.

Next Monday John and I are going to tour the Midwife center where I would like to give birth. It seems like a really awesome place and I am excited about seeing it in person. They have three nice birthing rooms, a lovely family waiting room and a Doula service, as well as Midwives who stay with you through the whole delivery. It sounds so comforting. Well, as comforting as the thought of hours upon hours of screaming, bloody pain could sound.

I was afraid that we would get some negative reactions from telling our friends, but everyone has been so wonderful and supportive. My Mom, who I thought would maybe be a little funny about it at first, has already started buying me maternity clothes, to which I say “Yes, please”. I get to have new clothes, be pampered and called special (not ED) AND get a new baby? Jackpot!! John even let me order some clothes off the internet AND agreed that I will need new shoes (I threatened that he would have to tie mine everyday and take them OFF at night!). I got a preggers bathing suit! We are going to be at the Jersey shore when I am 7 1/2 months along (30 weeks) and I intend to show it off.

So friends, thank you for your support- it has meant so much to us. We’ll be needing it in spades from now until you can’t give anymore.