Mar 16 2005

It is early- really early- and I am starting to show. I can’t wear my normal pants anymore. I had to go back into my fat pants that I had been saving for just this reason. They are too big everywhere but the belly. If I keep going this way I will have to tell my boss sooner than I anticipated. I’m not sure how he will react. On one hand, he is a catholic. Catholics believe in lots of babies, don’t they? On the other hand, he is a bit of a control freak and he may have a problem with me being gone for six weeks after piglet is born. I was planning on telling in about 4 weeks- around the time I will be entering my second trimester.

The scary thing about showing early is that it could mean twins. Neither John nor I have twins in our families for as far back as we know, and we weren’t taking any fertility drugs or anything, so we don’t know if it’s even possible. The idea is SCARY though. No. No, no. We didn’t sign up for that- it’s not part of the deal! Anyway, I have an appointment with my Midwife next week. Maybe she can help me find the truth.

I read journals every day at work. Some from friends, some from people I don’t know. One of the journals I read regularly is by a girl who is 20 weeks along. Her journal is “sothefishsaid”. Her husband is also an avid blogger. His journal is “Rude Cactus”.
They decided to make a new journal where they can write about their baby, who is nicknamed “Lima-bean”. They call this new journal “Cactus Fish”. Cute, huh? It got me thinking about if John and I tried to combine our Jounal names into one. The only thing I could think of was “Sensible Shoes” and that’s no fun, even if it is the way my life is going right now.

Oh, and refering to the name I used for our baby earlier. We chose “piglet” because I can’t call it “it”, we don’t know the sex , it makes me hungry all of the time and it, at this time, closely resembles a fetal pig. Piglet. Now I don’t have to find new words for baby all the time.

I’m all over the place this morning. I should get some work done.