Mar 26 2005

So, sadly, we did not get to hear the heartbeat yesterday. The good part is that it was because I, apparently, have terrific abdominal muscle tone. (way to go abs- I knew you had it in you! I’d like to thank my mother, yoga,…)The visit went well, though. I have a roomy enough pelvis- there should be no more problems than usual getting a baby head through there. I have no warning signs of having problems and will most likely be able to give birth at the center instead of a yukky hospital. Rock out. We will definitely get to hear the heartbeat at the next visit. I should be just about 15 weeks by then.

MAJOR bummer, though. They are making me keep a food diary. I will not be posting it here. I have to track everything I eat for three days! I do not eat enough vegetables. I’m really trying to be good but sometimes it’s hard. I think I’m doing okay on everything but the vegetables. I gotta figure out a way to get more of those suckers in. I’m afraid I am going to be chastized and really embarrased when I turn the diary in. I’m FAR from perfect.

John and I cleaned the house today. It’s amazing how just a few hours can make everything seems better. I vacuumed the stairs and the whole house looked brighter. That may have also been because John scubbed the bathtub, swept the kitchen floor, did the dishes and cleaned the counter tops. Well, I vacuumed almost all of the floors and did one load of laundry(but forget to put it in the drier) and figured out some really confusing tax stuff that my accountant sent me and went grocery shopping and cooked dinner. That’s fair, right? I mean, I AM doing all the work of growing this baby, am I not? (do you notice how I make it seem like more by putting “and” in between everything?) It’s been a TOUGH day…whew. I think I’ll go lounge in bed reading before I go to sleep.

Goodnight from the spoiled princess…I mean…Me.