Mar 31 2005

Tip: Don’t draw eyes on your banana. I drew some on my banana this morning in red pen (I sometimes get REALLY bored at work). Now the banana skin is turning grayish around the red pen lines and it is really creeping me out. My banana is giving me the evil eye. My banana hates me!

So I got a call from the Steelers. I interviewed for a job with them back in October and they never called. I figured that they just found somebody else. Now the lady has called twice while I’ve been at work. I think they want to talk to me about taking the job, but I’m not sure. They would have to offer me quite a lot to pull me away from this place. Of course, they don’t know I’m pregnant… I doubt they would want me if they did. Whatever. I’m comfortable here for now. It’ll only be a short time, I hope. My sanity is counting on being able to move back to California in about a year.

You know, for a city, this place really doesn’t have many good restaurants. We’ve found two excellent ones, but they’re the kind you should save for a few months to be able to go to- not exactly an alternative to cooking on lazy nights. The “mexican” food is the worst I have ever had. We can’t even get good ingredients to be able to make our own. The pizza is decent and cheap, though, and is definitely “east-coast” style. But they use CANNED mushrooms on them. CANNED! Yuckyyuckypoopooblech!!! I used to love mushroom and olive pizza but I just can’t eat it this way. (pout, pout)

All of this food talk is making me so hungry. It seems like I am almost ALWAYS hungry these days, except last night. I’ll grant you, it was leftover night and I have always hated leftovers, but I really couldn’t finish my dinner. It ws less than I’m used to eating, even for when I’m not pregnant. I think I’ll be making up for it today. I have already had a cup of soup and it didn’t even touch my hunger.

Oh- weird thing. When we moved out here we noticed a very strange increase in the number of Arbys fast food restaurants. We thought it must just be because these people have bad taste. I found out today, however, that, even among picky foodies, Arbys is considered one of the better, healthier fast food places in town! I guess they have a salad with real lettuce- not just iceburg. Talk about warping my sense of reality. I always thought of Arbys along the lines of the Simpson’s quote:
First kid: “I’m so hungry, I could eat at an Arbys.”
All the rest: “EEWWWW.”

I’m not sure I can get past it…