Apr 17 2005

Apr 04 2005

I HATE daylight savings time. I was getting used to being able to wake up to the sun already shining. It was making my mornings so much easier to bear. But now, not only did I lose an hour I really could have used, but I have to wake up in the dark again. Poop.

I also really hate winter right now. We can’t seem to quite shake it. We had a beautiful, 70 degree day last week- wednesday, I think- and then SNOW this weekend. What’s with that crap? I really need the snow to end. I really need a nice weekend. I was trapped in the house by the cold this weekend and it felt like I didn’t get a break at all. I don’t want to be at work today.

I think that John is going to tell everybody at work/school today about the piglet. At least, he will if he doesn’t want to do the dishes all by himself for the next several weeks. And have me horribly mad at him. He has been avoiding telling because he thinks he’s going to get a hard time from his professors- something along the lines of “How can you expect to have a baby AND graduate with your MA?” I have been more charitable regarding their anticipated reactions. Maybe a few will think he’s crazy, but I think that more than a few will be excited for him. There are several fairly new parents in the group. Anyway, as long as we think we can handle it, what business is it of theirs. I made a pie for John to take today. Apple. Yum. Maybe it will help “soften the blow” as John likes to say. I’m just a little afraid that he will let what these people think about the piglet influence how he feels about the piglet, and that’s not fair. Maybe now I’m worrying too much and maybe he deserves more credit than that.

We will be getting an ultrasound on the 14th. I am SO excited!!!! I will finally get to see my little piglet. There is a slim, and I mean SLIM, chance that we will get to know the sex. Some people have been trying to convince us that we should wait until the birth to find out, but I just don’t want to. There are going to be enough surprises and I want to be able to plan for SOMETHING. I certainly can’t know what to expect from the birth itself, I at least deserve to know if I’ll be allowed to put it in dresses without getting strange looks. We will find out, whether at this ultrasound or the next. This one is mainly just to be sure about the dating, anyway. The midwife wants to make sure that everything is coming along like she thinks it is- just fine. I want to keep the ultrasounds to a minimum, but I don’t think two in the whole pregnancy will hurt, do you? I don’t believe my midwife would suggest it if it would. If she was a regular doctor I would wonder…