May 12 2005

WOW. It has been a seriously long time since I have been able to post. The host site was down for some upgrades and, because I think the lovely fellow does most everything himself in his spare time, it took a little longer than I thought it would. I had some withdrawals- I hadn’t realized how attached I had become to being able to post/vent frequently.

So…Newness. We got Pixies tickets! PIXIES!! We tried to go about a year ago but they sold out too fast. We got a chance to buy some tickets just before the show, but they were at an outrageous $100 per and so we passed. This time I think I was the first one to have them. I got them from the presale on the Pixies website and they were only $35 each. Super Score!! I am going to be 20 weeks (5 mo.) pregnant, but I’m goin’ anyway. You gotta start these kids early on good music or they may end up liking… Britney or… Korn (shudder). We’ll probably stay back a little ways for most of it so it won’t be TOO intense and so I can avoid elbows to the gut. No mosh pits for this girl. (Do they even do that crap anymore?)

Little Piglet has grown enough now that I can feel him(?) moving when I lie still at night. The other night I was having trouble sleeping and Pig was having a dance party in there. It was like trying to sleep when your upstairs neighbor is having a party, only from the inside… and not noisy. Okay, maybe not much like that at all, but distracting all the same. It is completely cool to feel Piggie move, though, and I can’t wait until there is enough outside movement that John can feel it too.

For Mother’s day, I went out and bought some baby clothes that I couldn’t resist and some presents for John. I also got a boyfriend..I mean a body pillow. It is a really cool one. I don’t know how I ever did without it. Even when I read in bed it gives me lower back support and elevates my feet. It could only be better if it gave massages. The baby clothes were all green and yellow. I’ve actually decided that the unisex clothes are much more to my taste than the boy or girl stuff. The sexed stuff is all too often sexist and stupid. I love the unisex stuff with circus animals on it, especially the giraffes and lions. I think giraffes are so cute. The elephants are wonderful too and all three animals make adorable cartoons. I’m going to hold off on getting more stuff because I know my Mom already has a box for me and who knows what the rest of my family will do. They kinda like babies.

I ordered a carseat the other day. I know it’s early, but it was the best carseat I could find in the coolest print (kind of a leopard print) and it was a hugely good deal. I want time to get used to it so that I’m not left fumbling like a fool when it comes to putting Piglet in at the birth center. Yeah, great time to drop your kid. It will work really nicely in our new car.

Speaking of new car, we have purchased one (new to us, not NEW) but we won’t have it until the second week of JULY. We got a 2004 Honda CR-V like I have been wanting since 1997. The problem is that it is in California and we are in Pennsylvania and my Mom can’t drive it out until July. I’m grateful that she can drive it out at all but I WANT MY CAR DAMMIT! I’m being patient and understanding, really I am. My current car is steadily driving itself into the ground. My neighbor pointed out last night that one of its headlights is out now. I can’t wait to be rid of the junk heap. It needs so much work that it is only worth about $500 now- pretty pitiful. Time for a new car.

Yoko, our wonderful doggie, is going blind. She is only six. The poor baby was having some funny eye trouble so, as a dutiful doggie-mama, I took her to the vet figuring it would be allergies or something. Not, it turns out. The doc couldn’t find anything wrong in her eye or her blood and deduced that it is most likely glaucoma (insert dog smoking pot joke here). The poor little girl is in pain and will no longer keep her right eye open. It also weeps all the time. It’s enough to make me cry when I look at her. We have to go to a goddamn dog ophthalmologist to have it properly diagnosed and to get the medication to make her stop being in pain and stop going blind but the fuckers won’t see us until June 10. Until then they are going to let my dog suffer and degenerate. I could KILL. How could medical “professionals” be so fucking heartless? I don’t know what to do. If there are any suggestions… I don’t mind having a blind dog- I think we could all cope. It’s the pain she’s in I can’t stand.

So, good and bad since last I wrote. I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting- I’m good at that lately.