May 20 2005


Yoko is NOT going blind!!!!!!!! We got a second referral to a vet that was willing to see her MUCH sooner. He was wonderful. When we went in and he stained her eyes, he knew instantly what was wrong. It is an auto-immune disorder called Pannus, found only in German Shepherd and German Shepherd mix (like Yokie) dogs. If we had let it go it would have blinded her, but, since we caught it, all it means is cheap eye drops everyday for the rest of her life. She is more than worth the small expense and trouble. I get to keep my puppy!! (Well… puppy is relative-she’s 6.)

Other exciting news: I have an obviously brilliant child- a prodigy, I’m sure. Piglet has graduated, as of week 17, to movements that I have felt from the outside! I felt him three days in a row. It’s a little creepy, feeling like there is some creature in there struggling to get out or something (think Alien). John has not felt it yet, but he knows his turn will come and so isn’t too disappointed.

We are going to have a busy summer. One of John’s aquaintances has gotten a teaching position at Carnegie Mellon and is going to stay with us for a couple days while he does some final shopping for a place to live. H.A., a friend from undergrad, is going to be moving here to Pittsburgh to go to Duquesne University. He won’t be staying with us, but we are still very excited to see him again and perhaps take advantage of his prime housing location on the strip (a really fun part of the city). Whaddaya think, H.A.? My Mom will be coming into town with one of my Aunts and MY CAR in early/mid July. We also have the Pixies, the Pittsburgh Art Festival, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and the Blues festival to look forward to. Plus, we start Childbirth classes in July. Whew. I’m overwhelmed. I just hope it makes the time go fast. I can’t wait to get out of Pittsburgh! One More Year!!

I have really popped in the last week. I finally really look pregnant and not fat. I haven’t experienced as much…ahem…backward growth… as I expected, nor side, for that matter. Yeah, there’s been a little, but if you didn’t know what I looked like naked before, you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference. I sure hope you don’t know what I looked like before… Anyway, all the growth has been in my belly, but I expect that could change at almost any time. I have my next midwife appointment next week so we’ll see how I’ve done on the whole weight gain issue. I hadn’t gained quite enough last time and I was urged to gain 10 pounds by week 20. That was at week 14. That’s a lot of weight gain, and, not having a scale at home, I’m really not sure where I stand. I don’t feel that much heavier. The stairs have been much harder on my knees lately, though.

Oh yeah, and I beat John at Trivial Pursuit. SWEET! I’ve never even come close before!! Maybe the BabyBrain hasn’t quite gotten me yet. OR maybe it’s gotten HIM instead!