May 24 2005

I read this whole group of pregnant lady blogs everyday while I’m at work. It’s one of the few things I do regularly around here. I am so bored nearly everyday that I have really come to count on these poor women to entertain me and entertain me well, dammit. I yearn for new posts daily. It makes me feel like I actually talk to other people- a little sick and pathetic, actually. Anyway, I finally realized that, in hoping to hear from them, I have neglected to reciprocate for any who look daily for posts here (you must be even more bored than I, you poor tortured soul). Not fair, right? I just have so little to say right now that it’s hardly worth the time…

One particularly bright note: a good friend from when John and I were in undergrad has re-established communications. My friends from away know that, though I pretty much will never initiate communication, I am pretty good about writing back and the lack of initiation DOES NOT mean that I don’t think about them almost daily. At least, I hope they know. It is distinctly good to have this friend back in contact as she is witty and clever and has all sorts of helpful advice on baby-having. I need lots right now. It’s just too bad that she is also 2500 miles away. But ahh, the wonders of email!

All of the exciting things we have lined up for this summer haven’t started yet. The first- a visit from the newest member of the stats department here at CMU while he searches for housing- will start on the first of June (I think). I am thinking about throwing a dinner party so that he can meet some other faculty with whom John is friends. I am toying with two different menus right now- one a fresh, Tuscan, summer-y, pork main dish and the other a gourmet, rich, Californian cuisine with a chicken roulade main. Both heavy on the fresh veggies. The Tuscan dishes are totally new to me, but would be exciting if they came out right. The Californian are more familiar but hard to screw up. There’s also the thing about pork- not all people enjoy its possibilities. I used to be anti-pork, but I now find that it has its place and can be quite interesting and exciting. I would also like to play with the flavors of venison, something with which I have very little experience. I have this vision of venison and polenta combinations or maybe with a potato-parmesan pave. Gamey and sophisticated coming together- there could be a really nice balance in there somewhere. With fresh crisp greens. And warm goat cheese. …drool…

I’m a foodie. I haven’t always been a foodie- I started pretty late- but I am a fairly dedicated one. I think being a food critic would be a dream job. I really enjoy cooking but, even more, I enjoy coming up with menus. If I could work at a restaurant just thinking up new menus everyday, I would be one happy chickie. I’m far from a perfect cook, though I have had some triumphs. I have made some nasty mistakes along the way, but I think I’ve learned from them all. None, thankfully, have been fatal(!). I cook pretty normal stuff on a daily basis and my husband is always well-fed and happy (so he says). My problem is that I can never stick to stuff I know or have done before when I am cooking for other people. I love having the excuse to do it up big and I always choose things that are terribly difficult. The harder the better it seems sometimes. John thinks I’m insane, but I honestly can’t help it. I like doing special things for other people. I feel like it lets them know that I appreciate that they came and I like having them there. Is that so wrong? Of course, if things don’t come out right, they might get a very different (and unintentional) message… Oh well. Hopefully they know I tried.

We are in week 18 of this pregnancy now. We have a midwife appointment on Thursday. I am excited because we will get to set up our second (and probably final) ultrasound at that appointment. I really want to find out for sure, if at all possible, what the gender of this baby is so that we can stop calling it Piglet (a name my Grandmother HATES). We are 80% sure right now that it’s a boy, but that was from a very early scan and it should be much clearer this time. Then my mom can go really shopping wild.

We have finally decided on going with a crib rather than the co-sleeper. For lots of reasons that I won’t get into unless someone asks. It was a hard decision, but I think it will offer the most flexibility. The problem now? Finding a crib that is in our budget. Holy shit, are those things expensive! I’m sorry, but I have a problem spending $500-$800 for something like that. I was thinking more in the $150-$200 range. They are hard to find. This crap just never ends, does it? Everything is always more expensive, more difficult, more time-consuming, etc. than you ever imagine. Somehow, I’m afraid that this is a good lesson for parenthood in general.

I guess I had more to say than I realized. I should probably justify my existence here at work by finding something to do now. Wish me luck.

(P.S.- Leave comments. I’m a narcissistic fool!)