May 31 2005

John and I cleaned the house over the three day weekend. Well, I should say that John did most of the hard work. He really has been fabulous about not making me be around chemicals and stuff. But he went even further- he vacuumed (usually my job). Then, because that vacuum we have had for YEARS and was starting to smell really bad like burning rubber, he actually went to Target and helped me pick out a new vacuum. What a guy! He was kind of excited about it, too. John has this funny little anal clean streak in him that extends to the floors, apparently, but not as often to his stacks of papers. (Though he did take care of a huge amount of those as well.) He was so jazzed about the new vacuum that he did a round with it as soon as I had it put together. It was really kind of amazing and gross how much it picked up after we thought that the floor was clean. Out other vacuum was worse than we thought, I guess.

I slacked on the jobs that were supposed to be mine, but I suppose I’ll be making up for it by being the personal chauffeur/chef for the time that our guest is here.

I also read almost a whole book just yesterday. It was a book I have read a few times before, but one that I tend to go back to when I’m feeling a need to escape. Man, do I wish I could move to France. Or, perhaps, Italy. Somewhere warm with good food where I can’t speak enough of the language to care about politics, but know enough to order a hot chocolate and pastry at a sidewalk cafe on a beautiful morning. Just feed me and keep me in books. Ahhh.

We are going to have our next ultrasound on the 14th. The last midwife visit went so well that they weren’t going to give me one, but I asked and they relented. I have to say that I want to make sure all the parts are there and in the right place- y’know medical stuff- otherwise my insurance won’t cover it. I guess I can’t admit that I just want to see my little piglet again and maybe be able to get a firmer idea about the gender. Really, I just want to see him again. I truly think (even though I worry out loud) that everything is fine. I know he’s with me all the time, but I miss him.

I cleaned out and got the drawers ready for Piglet’s clothes over the weekend. It was so much fun to go through everything (yet again) and fold and sort it. I have so much stuff that my sister handed down to me that I’m not sure where I’ll put things I get from my baby showers (I know it’s bad to assume I’ll get stuff, but I’ve more-or-less been told that I will). I’m certainly not going to turn anything away! One of the reasons I’m having this kid is so I can have a dolly to dress up. (Is it bad that I’m only partially kidding?) Like I told Naomi, at heart, I’m a material girl (and I hope the song is stuck in your head now like it is in mine!).

May 31 2005

One more thing- Sorry about the Star Wars post. I got a little vehement and carried away. I can usually restrain my foul language (at least when around people other than John), and I’m sorry, to those of you who are sensitive, about my inability
to do so with that post. I can’t promise that I won’t do it again some day, but I think I have it out of my system for a while.

Thank you for your understanding.