Jun 01 2005

About a week ago…

Me: I’m so stupid!
John: You’re not stupid. You’re no stupider than I am.
Me: You aren’t even close to stupid. The only way you would have a little bit of stupid in you is if I stuck my thumb up your butt.
John: ……If only other people knew the things you say. I’m warning you- one of these times I’m going to blog what you say.
Me: I dare you.

His blog is broken.

Jun 01 2005

New vacuum Monday night, new microwave last night. What’s next?

Our old microwave bit the dust last night after John valiantly tried to clean it. It seems that the inside top had rusted through or something and the arc of blue light that lit up the room as John tried to microwave a cup of water left a huge scorch mark that really put the finishing touches on the inside. It seemed like a little bit of a hazard and a replacement was deemed necessary. John got to pick the new one out.

So, two unexpected purchases in as many days. Like I said, what’s next?

The house, though, does look really yummy. It smells really good, too. We aired it out while the weather was nice yesterday and the winter funk has left the building. I hate that musty, can’t-open-the-windows-or-will-freeze-to-death smell. Having the carpet actually be clean probably does wonders, as well.

And my room is clean! I have never, NEVER been good at keeping my room clean, but I feel that I should start trying to develop good habits. Not only will it help with the whole not tripping while getting up in the middle of the night to pee thing, and the finding clothes to wear in the morning whle husband still tries to sleep in the dark room thing, but also will give me the chance to be a good role model for my child as he gets older. I can’t very well expect Piglet to clean up his room if I won’t clean mine, can I? Well, maybe I could, but it wouldn’t really be fair. I’m an adult. I should be able to put my clothes away and do laundry regularly ( I just hate to!).

My parents never really instilled good cleaning habits in me. My mother did everything around the house and I would only clean my room when threatened. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair of my Dad to not help out even though he was the only one with an outside job. It wasn’t fair of my Mom to let him get away with it. It wasn’t fair of both of them to let me and my sister laze around and only help out when we felt like it. It wasn’t fair of them to ask us to when we were in late elementary school when they never had before. It wasn’t fair of my Dad to expect that, just because we were girls, there were certain chores that we should and shouldn’t do. I’m all about fairness. John and I try to share the chores (I’m working on getting better at mine) and our child will grow up knowing what’s expected of him. I think it’s good for kids to have chores starting from early on. I wish my parents had done it. I think it also gives structure and boundaries, which I think all kids need and secretly want. I’m not a hard ass, but I will expect certain things. I hope to give my child better habits than I have. Don’t we always want our children to be better people than we are?

Anyway, the house is clean now and I’m hoping that, with a little effort everyday, we can maintain it. I’m sure it’ll get bad again, but hopefully it will take longer each time. It’s not like it’s really ever that bad, anyway- just not perfect. We do live in it, after all (without a maid service!).