Jun 06 2005

Shit, is it hot. We’re having a wave of thunderstorms today, but it’s not really taking the edge off of the humidity. Yesterday was really bad. Not only am I more hot than ever in my life because of this pregnancy, but it was also about 90 degrees and I think 1000% humidity AND I was in the kitchen cooking with the stove and the oven ALL DAY. The dinner came out pretty well- not hitchless, but good enough. Everyone was really nice and complimentary about the food. but DAMN. My feet, knees and back hurt like HELL last night, and they’re not much better today.

I did get to have leftovers for lunch today. Unfortunately, I had to eat it here at work because I had a disaster waiting for me at home where I usually eat. John had forgotten to take the garbage out this morning before he left for work and Yoko decided to drag it across the floor of two rooms. So, okay, I was upset but not livid. Then I realized that something in the garbage must have disagreed with her because she had left two piles of poo on the carpet. Now imagine me: pregnant, starving, seriously low blood sugar, on my knees cleaning up garbage and dog crap with tears streaming down my face because all I wanted to do was come home, put my feet up and have some lunch. Not a pretty sight. I think I deserve to be taken out or at least given lots of pizza tonight.

Little piglet is wiggling more than ever now. He’s giving me some good kicks that I can really feel outside, too. I love being able to feel him move. It makes me worry less about how he might be doing in there. I’ve gotten a good bit bigger in the past week. I really need to post a couple of belly shots so that y’all can see. I think it’s really cool, but I don’t expect you to. It’s okay- it’s my baby, not yours.

Oh, and Happy 20 weeks to me, Happy 20 weeks to me… for those of you uninitiated in baby-week timing that means………

HALF WAY!!!!!!


Now we have the hard part…