Jun 23 2005

Sometimes the people you work with can make your job nicer. I have a reason for this, but I just can’t go into it. I don’t mean to be cryptic.

Mr. Baby Cole has been a wiggle butt the last couple days. It’s fun to try to guess what he’s doing in there like “was that his arm?” or “was that his butt or his head?”. There’s not much discernable movement from the outside yet, so it’s still my private little game. Sometimes it helps the time go by.

I don’t really feel fat, I just feel HEAVY. The muscles in my belly hardly feel adequate sometimes and the muscles around my knees have stopped really doing their job. It’s much harder to get out of chairs or bed. I tried to do my Yoga DVD the other day and it just felt like my belly was dragging me down. I have some concerns that, if my labor goes for a long time, I may not have the strength to last and will need an epidural. I loathe the whole idea of epidurals. I understand why most women get them, but I will do almost ANYTHING to avoid one. I have surprised myself in the past with the reserves of strength and will that have have buried inside. If anything could bring them out, I think this could.

I talked with my mom today about her deliveries. She didn’t have an epidural with me or my sister and she says that her labor with each of us was only about 8 or 9 hours long. I hope some of that is hereditary! I’m not really all that scared about delivery. I think fear is a big problem for a lot of women and why they feel more pain and are more likely to resort to drugs. I’m excited more than anything. Birth can usually take care of itself. It’s not a medical condition, it’s a natural process. (Yeah, I know, so is death but… you know what I mean.) I know that problems can come up that need special attention, but why go into it thinking that that will happen. Why not go into it thinking that it will be the most amazing and exciting experience of your life? No, it won’t turn a breech baby but it might help relieve some “pain”.

Belly button status: still an innie, but stretched WAY out of shape!