Jun 29 2005

I feel so abandoned! All my lovely commentors have dissappeared. Did I do something to drive you all away? Was it the shoes? You hate the shoes, don’t you?

Anyway, yet again my wonderful husband gave me a great massage last night. He’s really getting talented! I’ve paid for worse massages. Plus, this was on the eve of his birthday. (Happy 26th, Baby!) What a wonderful man…

Tomorrow is our 4th wedding anniversary. I really can’t believe that it’s been 4 years. I keep thinking it just happened the summer before last or something. It was a really fun wedding for us and, I hope, for our guests. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because my friend is getting married in october. I’ve been trying to think of good advice to give her which has led me to reminiscing. I’ve realized that I really do only remember the good parts unless I try hard to remember the bad (the shitty bartender and equally shitty DJ, for example). The bad things don’t piss me off anymore even when I do think about them. It was just so great to have our family and friends together- literally a once in a lifetime event. I can’t think of anything that would bring that same collection of people together in the same place again.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday. Everything is right on track. The one bummer is that the midwife was the only one I hadn’t met before and I think she’s my least favorite. I would take any of the others over her. I’m sure that everything would work out fine even if we did get her for the delivery (knowing my luck we will!), I mean, she certainly knows her stuff. I just feel a lot more comfortable around the others. She’s a little too woo-woo hippie even for me! Plus, I’m an atheist and she majored in religion for her undergrad… it would be an interesting mix. I’d probably rip her throat out if she tried to start a prayer in the middle of labor! Not a pretty picture. That said, she knows I’m an atheist and, I’m sure, would be a professional about eveything. One would hope.

Jun 29 2005

Even MORE pictures to slow down loading time!
These were taken at 22 weeks (I’m now at 23). Thing is, I’m on the low side of normal for weight gain. You wouldn’t know by looking at this belly though!