Jul 08 2005



I’m just so depressed about London that I can hardly think about it properly. The thing that makes me even more sad than the fact that so many people got killed or injured? The thought that this will lend so much support to the revolting war in Iraq. I mean, Blair is behind the war, being a political shit-sucker like Bush, but the people of England weren’t as fervent. Now? I’m sure there are still dissenters, but I’m also sure they must be in the extreme minority. I understand getting angry when you’ve been attacked at home, and this was, in relation to their population, an attack like 9-11 (ughh- that phrase still makes me queasy). But this war did not need any more ammo. Maybe England will surprise me, but, then again, they are humans and humans in groups, especially when threatened, are not the clearest thinking creatures.

One guy in my office came up to my desk today and, just as a pleasantry said “what’s up”. I said “it’s so sad about London” (I’m bad at pleasantries- I always assume people want a real answer). He said something about al-Qaida. I said “well, they’re not sure it was them”. He said “you’re a liberal, aren’t you”. I said “I guess”. He said “so, do you think they should be protected under the Geneva convention when they’re captured or should they be shot and killed on sight?” I froze for a moment while my brain tried to process this. I said “well, I guess I think it depends on the context.” He said “No it doesn’t. They’re not a real, uniformed army and we should kill them when we see them. It’s completely black and white.” I think I gaped.

I’m so nauseated by the fact that anyone thinks this way. How can something so complex ever be thought of as “black and white”? There are so many things wrong with what he said that I can’t even go into it. Right now, I just don’t think I could make sense of it all enough to write anything anybody would understand. Do you ever feel that way? Like something is just too insane to even break into enough pieces to think clearly about?

So all you “liberals” hold your loved ones close, because some of the scariest people out there aren’t the ones our government is fighting. And good luck to all of us trying to raise our children. Sometimes it feels like humanity is tough to come by.