Jul 11 2005

I’d just like to start by saying that I welcome and appreciate ALL comments regardless of whether they are agreeing with me or debating what I say. It’s cool- that’s part of why I write. I love hearing from any/everybody. It’s why I make art, too. Dissenting opinions can be the greatest inspiration. I have no wish to live in a world where everybody thinks the same things I do- how damn boring would that be.

That said- If you’d like to leave comments on my page, and you are welcome to, please make them make sense. Especially if they sound vaguely like they may be questioning my opinions. And please, even if you don’t sign in (which I understand- not everybody who reads this is on blogger or has a web page/blog of their own) please leave your name (real or on-line persona) in the body of the message. These totally anonymous comments drive me bonkers, especially when I’d like to clarify something with the poster. If you don’t leave any indication of who you are then how can I respond or defend myself/ my opinion. All I ask for is a little fairness here- none of this slipping the knife in my back and running away crap.

So thanks, everybody, for all of your comments. I look forward to future communications fun and serious.