Jul 28 2005

Weird things going on at work have left me with little time to post lately. I think everything will be okay, but the company is in a strange place right now. I’m trying to be optimistic.

So I am now almost finished with my 27th week of pregnancy. After next week I will be seven FULL months pregnant and into my 8th month. Wow. Hello 3rd trimester! I only have about 13 weeks left of this before I have a real live baby in my home. Too weird. I think it’s probably time to get the crib since I will, no doubt, be the one needing to put it together and I am sliding fast down capable hill. Soon all I’ll be able to do is eat and whine. Everything else will be too uncomfortable.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday morning. I had to be there extra early so that I could do the one hour glucose tolerance test. So I got there on time and sat down and the front desk lady handed me the glass of glucola and told me I had three minutes to finish. I gulped it down as quickly as I could. It tasted like orange soda would if the carbonated water was left out. It was made even worse by the fact that I had just brushed my teeth and I personally don’t feel that mint and orange are a spectacular mix. I got it down though. I went to the bathroom to test my urine (I have to do it evey time- just put a little stick in the cup and check the color) and weigh myself. I gained only 4 pounds (the recommended amount) in the last month and only 20 for the whole pregnancy- pretty darn good. I went into see the midwife and everything with Cole checked out and I was feeling like it was a pretty good appointment. Then I went back out to the waiting room. While I had been in with the midwife, the front desk lady realized that the supplier of the glucola had sent the wrong size bottles and I had gotten only a HALF dose. By that time it was too late to take the other half and have it work properly. I have to do it AGAIN next time I have an appointment (which are every other week now). EEEWWWWWWWW. I’m really not looking forward to that. I do like going to the midwife every other week, though. It means less time I have to spend with my paranoid fears between appointments. And I get to hear his heartbeat every time- it’s like beautiful music!

We had our last childbearing essentials class Tuesday night. YEAH!! Everybody was glad to be finished! THe really annoying couple weren’t there, which we couldn’t figure out until we took a tour of the birthing rooms at the hospital (just in case we can’t give birth at the center). There in the waiting room was the father, looking like total shit. Her water broke at 35 weeks and she had to rush to the hospital. She was in labor, after inducement, for about 30 hours and was able to give birth vaginally. 30 HOURS!!! The baby boy was doing okay even though he was born with the cord around his neck three times. He was still in NICU because of severe jaundice. He was 6 1/2 pounds even that early! Imagine if he’d gone to full term… Damn. Anyway, we’re glad to have the class finished. We may all get together for a “reunion” once all the babies are born. Maybe.

Stupid, goddamn belly button= still an innie. Bitch.