Aug 04 2005

I can’t believe I forgot!

We got the crib last weekend! I put it together and everything. There was one point where I had to ask John for help because there was NO WAY I was going to be able to lift AND screw in a very heavy, awkward piece at the same time. But, other than that, it was all me. I felt very accomplished. The crib is really nice looking. It’s a cognac color wood and it’s one of the kinds that can later turn into a toddler bed or a regular twin bed. We don’t have a mattress for it yet, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with the decision. It sure takes a huge bite out of the already limited space in our room though. Good thing it’s on casters.

So. Reality tv. I occasionally get hooked on certain shows. I also have EXTREME distaste for some of them. I have never and will never watch American Idol. The few moments I’ve ever caught of that show have left me reeling like an epileptic that has watched too many Japanese anime shows. So I fully expected to hate So You Think You Can Dance, but I watched last night anyway because I have a strange and, until now, secret fascination with dancing shows and movies.

I really liked it.

The dancing is fun and some of the contestants have really good attitudes and are supportive of each other. There are just enough contestants that are hateable to make me able to cheer for others and there is one really horrific judge/choreographer. It has all the elements of a show that I may be able to watch until the end.

Unlike this year’s Big Brother. I’ve watched other years and enjoyed the stupidity enough. This year, however, one viewing was enough to let me know that I don’t give a crap about any of the contestants and they could all die painfully and I would still not be interested.

Hell’s Kitchen was awesome though. I also have an obsession with cooking shows and I thought this one was a lot of fun. Plus, the guy I REALLY liked won. Can’t get much better. (If you watched- didn’t you just love his ink? I wanted to see MORE!!!)

Despite how this sounds, I really haven’t been watching much tv. There was a time when, whenever I was home, the tv was always on. It got old FAST. I can go weeks very happily not watching tv. I kind of forget about it. I have gotten into the habit of not remembering when shows are on so that, if I happen to be in the mood and turn on the tv and something I like is on, I’m only watching because I wanted to watch tv anyway, not because I had to catch a certain show. I can’t tell you how much mental peace this has given me. I think tv makes me jumpy. I don’t plan on letting Cole watch much. Movies, maybe, but not tv. I’ve heard that there are some good children’s channels out there on cable, but I get queasy whenever I think of paying for trashy, time-wasting tv and so I guess I’ll never really know. I don’t think it’ll hurt him much to miss out. I grew up with tv and, though I can’t be called normal, I think I’m doing ok. I always read instead of watching tv and I attribute not having to take English in college to that fact. Maybe I should have taken it anyway, but not taking it sure saved me some time and money. And like I said, I’m doing ok.

Aug 03 2005


My friend Kerrie is having her wedding shower this weekend and, though I’m terrifically happy for her, I really would rather spend the day at home. Asleep.


Kerrie and I have a couple things in common but, for the most part, we are very different kinds of people. She is, for lack of a better description, very mid-west mother-y. I am not. She is into decorating and tupperware parties and cakes and cute games at baby showers. I am not. Plus, I dislike many of her other friends. But, I want to keep her as a friend (and not just because I hardly have ANY) so I will be at her wedding shower and I will be a happy camper (or at least fake it really well).

But WHY does it have to be in Ohio?!?

In other news, there are only 8 days left until John and I leave for our much needed and anticipated vacation. The timing is pretty good I think, with Cole being at a very active stage (fun rainy day entertainment for all!) but me not being so huge that I can’t quite lug myself around (and I can still shave my own legs and bikini line- major plus!). I also think I look kinda cute in my bikini and, despite not knowing (or wanting to know) what my ass looks like at this point, I will be showing it off frequently. At least I have an excuse for my (somewhat) abundant derriere. I never had a good one before…

We’ve had a mouse living, uninvited, in our house for over a week now. We put out sticky traps and normal snap-traps to no avail. The super-mouse managed to eat EVERYTHING off of the snap-traps with out triggering any of them. We were getting desperate. And then I went home for lunch today. I decided to check all of the traps just in case it had gotten stuck on one. I was giving up when I remembered to check under the sink. Yup. Mousie. Very stuck- tail ‘n all. I’m so sad. I know I wanted the mouse gone, but I kept hoping, naively, that it would decide to move out on its own. Now John has to go home and try to kill it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Poor John. Poor mousie. We can’t just throw it in the garbage like the package tells us to because it would suffer too long. How Horrible!! For the same reason, we can’t drown it. John will probably do the same thing he did the last time this happened- chop off its head with a shovel. It sounds brutal, but we can’t think of a faster way. This sucks.

RIP, poopie mousie.