Aug 30 2005

I had a major realization about Cole a couple weeks ago. (Did I already write about this?) I was driving to the grocery store when I looked over into a driveway and caught a glimpse of a precious little boy. What made it different was that he was probably no more than 4 years old and he was wearing glasses.

Doesn’t sound strange, does it?

Well, for me it was a huge smack in the face. I had never thought about the possibility of Cole having to wear glasses as a child, but there is actually a huge possibility that he will. John wears a very strong prescription (though you can’t tell) and is legally blind without his glasses. He needed glasses when he was a child and didn’t get them (long story) so I didn’t have any pictures of him as a kid (don’t have many pictures, period) wearing any.

As most parents probably have done, I had made a little picture in my head of what I thought Cole would look like. This COMPLETELY changed that picture for me. It was really strange and I had a hard time wrapping my head around it. I know it sounds crazy that it would effect me so much, but it was if I woke up one morning and all of my hair had turned blonde (it’s very dark brown, for those who don’t know).

Anyway… it was trippy. I don’t know how else to explain it.

My big boy, aka: husband, started school today. I think he’s probably partly nervous about what work and stress will be dumped on him this semester and partly excited to be back around the people he loves to talk to. He was very cute this morning. He actually got up at the same time I did, was dressed and cleanly shaved by the time I had finished breakfast and was out the door right behind me. I gave him a quick lift to the bus stop and kissed him before he hopped out to wait in the rain. What a precious. I would have felt like his mommy except that that would be pretty sick (I liked watching his butt too much as he crossed the road!).

Today I’m thinking of working on a more formal outline of the schedule of “things that must be done before baby arrives”. We only have a few weekends left, and that’s only if he decides to wait the whole time until his actual due date. I guess I should start with the really important things and move to the piddly things that would just be nice to get done. That way, even if he does come early, the big stuff will be finished. I’m glad that we didn’t choose to do a nursery- not only would we not have room for my mom when she comes but I’d have to be stressing about getting that finished on top of everything else and I just don’t need that. I don’t think he’ll really care that he doesn’t have his own room. At least he has his own bed.

Oh, and yesterday? No treat.