Sep 01 2005

Oh my god, the hiccups.
Yesterday the hiccups coming from Cole were cute.
That was yesterday.
Today I wish there was some way to make him hold his breath or to shove peanut butter down his throat.
They are strong and they will not stop.
Poor baby, I don’t think he likes them any more than I do. He keeps squirming whenever they’ve gone on for a while.

But at least we still have our house and our lives and no family that we know of was physically harmed by the hurricane. My poor Aunt has a house on the gulf and she has no idea what has happened to it. The storm hit shore directly on her town. Luckily, she and my Uncle were at their other house in upstate New York when it happened. I’m very thankful that they’re safe and have a place to go. If only everyone could be so lucky.

I read a few reports online today and heard some of the terrifying headlines from NPR. I find myself itching to find a way to directly help in a way that doesn’t involve sending money (that I don’t really have) that may or may not get to those who need it most. I want to drive down a bus full of bottled water and then take people to Houston… or something like that. Unfortunately, going down there would not be a safe thing for me to do right now. The situation sounds so hazardous- lack of water and food; diseases in the standing water, from mosquitos and from people smushed up all together; looters with guns; alligators and poisonous water snakes… I can’t help but think of all the pregnant women and tiny babies that are down there already. If I had my own office I would close my door and cry. Does anybody know of a GOOD way to help?

I’m going to be very happy to be in my dry, safe home tonight with my husband and my dog and plenty of water and food. There are certain situations that make you look at your life and say “what the hell do I have to complain about, really?” and this is one of those for me.

But if Cole’s hiccups would stop, I would be even happier.