Sep 02 2005

Cole’s hiccups have slowed down, but his new favorite activity is kicking the shit out of my right hip. It hurts people! And I know the worst is still to come as he gets even bigger. What am I going to do?

I had the first dream where I got to see him last night. So far my dreams have been all about being pregnant, so this was very new. In my dream, I was holding him and doing all of the normal baby stuff like changing his diapers. I felt strange, though, because I couldn’t stop thinking “Why do I not think this baby is cute? Why am I having such trouble feeling any affection for him?” Then I realized that it was because he had the body of a shaved dog and the head of a baby, only slightly deformed. I remember vividly that his belly had nipples on it like a dog. In my dream it somehow made everything better to realize this. I woke up right after that and couldn’t help laughing out loud. I wanted to wake John up and tell him about it, but I restrained myself.

We found out yesterday that one of John’s co-Grad students and her husband are going to have a baby. She’s 2 months pregnant now. John is feeling oddly ecstatic about it. I think it’s partially because now he doesn’t feel like the only idiot for trying to have a family and get an advanced degree at the same time. Yea! We have company in the idiot pool! I think it’s also because he’s a daddy (more or less) now and, therefore, gets more excited about baby news. In any case, we are so excited for them and looking forward to being able to send along hand me downs. Good thing most of the stuff we have is pretty gender neutral. It’s funny, now the only two married grad students in John’s department will also both have new babies.

I’m going to physical therapy monday after next because of the lower back pain due to all of the weight in my belly. My midwife told me to go a while ago, but I avoided it until I found out that my insurance will cover everything (SWEET). I’m hoping that the treatment involves lots of massages and very little exercise. That’s the kind of therapy for me.

I’m hoping to get to the store tonight and pick up the crib mattress. I did some extra research on it yesterday and I’m convinced that the Baby Sealy Posturpedic, though spendy, is the way to go since he will be using it for quite a few years.

Belly button update: Flat. Will this thing ever actually pop out? Josh is convinced that it will , but only to function as a “turkey timer” to let me know that Cole’s done cooking and will be coming out shortly.