Sep 21 2005

John and I went with some friends to a Renaissance festival this past weekend. What a ripoff. The basic scheme is this: you pay money to get inside to pay more money. I wish I were on the other end of that kind of deal! The stuff for sale inside wasn’t all that remarkable, either. I found myself wandering around thinking “I can make that. I could make that I bet. I could have my mom make that. Who the hell would want that? That would be SO easy” and the like over and over again. I couldn’t believe the prices that people were paying for some of the crap! It made me think that I should go into business for myself, but then I remembered that I’d been down that road before… We had a pleasant enough time with the friends anyway. They are getting married in two weeks and their wedding has a renaissance theme so they were looking at everything. I’m glad someone enjoyed it. Me? I’m done with these “festivals”. It’s a bunch of white nerds trying to find a reason to feel better about their white heritage running around in costumes and speaking in fake accents and buying overpriced goods because they think it’ll make them seem more “authentic”. I’m a white nerd and I love costumes but I don’t need to feel special about it. And I’m CERTAINLY not going to spend $50 on a kilt in my clan’s tartan for my INFANT son. But maybe that’s just me.

I guess that’s it. Boring, I know, but I’ve got nuthin’ else. If anyone wants to give me ideas/questions to write about I’d welcome any and all suggestions. Ask me anything! I’ll answer truthfully to the best of my ability.

Belly button: flat
Still haven’t peed myself.

Please let lunchtime come soon.