Oct 06 2005

No takers, huh? I’m feeling very sorry for myself right about now. I think I’ll just wallow in it for a while , if it’s all the same to everybody. Oh wait, that’s right- there isn’t anybody.

John and I are both taking the day off tomorrow for Kerrie and Dave’s wedding. I love weddings and I’m excited to be going. I’m going to be doing her makeup too, something I also love. She came over last night and we did a trial run to make sure that the colors were going to come out right and that she didn’t hate what I had in mind. I had some concerns about what she would actually like, but it turned out that we both had about the same idea. She said she was really happy when she left. I hope it was true.

It’s funny that I never wear makeup but I love putting it on other people. There’s something so satisfying about having a vision of a makeup design, seeing it come together in real life on someone’s face and having them be happy about it. It’s amazing the kind of confidence it can give people. It’s like non-surgical facial reconstruction. If I thought I was good enough to do it and make a living, I would. That would be the most stress free job ever for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the confidence and no amount of makeup will help me.

But the wedding should be fun. I hope. My dress is okay, for a maternity thing, but I don’t have shoes or jewelry to go with it. The no shoes part bothers me most, but I just couldn’t justify $40 on shoes I would probably only wear once. I did get maternity panty hose. They are horrible! I hate panty hose to begin with, and these are worse than most. They are thick, hot and UGLY, though not as ugly as my legs are right now which is why I will wear them anyway. They are also nearly impossible to get on by myself. I tried them on last night to make sure they would work and I got stuck. I had to call John in to pull the left side up my leg. I am so SEX-AYY right now. This is the second time in recent weeks I have had to call on him to help me because I’ve been stuck. A little while ago I decided to take a bath. It was the first bath I had taken since I’ve been pregnant (no, not the first time I’d bathed- I manage to do that every day somehow). I was doing great- so relaxed and virtually pain free for once- until I tried to get out. I realized that the bubbles (what’s a bath without bubbles?) had made the bottom slippery (it could have had to do with the MASSIVE amount of bubble stuff I put in) and I was not strong/coordinated/brave enough to attempt to lunge to my feet alone. I made it onto my hands and knees, but then I had to yell for John. Now, I know my husband loves me and that he understands that I am not at my sexiest while 9 months pregnant, but I really could have done without him having such definitive proof. Like I said: I’m SEX-AYY! The panty hose prove it.

Of course, If my dream last night is correct, I won’t even make it to the wedding. My dream self is convinced that I will go into labor at some point today or early tomorrow. Damn, would Kerrie be pissed.

So why do I keep writing if no one is reading? I guess I’m just a masochist. Of course, you’re all sadists for not commenting. I guess we’re all just pervs of some sort. Don’t try to defend yourselves- you know it’s true.