Oct 11 2005

Things are SO much better today.

Yes, I still have shingles, but I have been in contact with my midwives a few times since the weekend and have had good news. First, I started on the anti-virals and they really seem to be doing their tricky, wonderful stuff. I just can’t say enough about some parts of modern medicine. Second, I had some horrible concerns about not being able to give birth at the midwife center and not being able to breastfeed. Turns out that, though my concerns were quite valid, I don’t need to worry any longer. The midwife center will not turn me away at the door like a leper and I will not kill or hurt my son by breastfeeding him. Heartbreak avoided.

It was a really hard couple of days before I could get all the information. There were many, many tears. Now I can move on to labor with the confidence that I’ve done everything I can and that, most likely, everything will be okay.

I just can’t wait to meet my son.