Oct 17 2005

I really don’t have much to update about. I’m still here. I’m still pregnant. Tonight is the full moon so maybe I’ll go dance out under it and put that theory to the test. Or something.

Last night was a hard one. I had two hours of really icky contractions and then they just stopped. My uterus: the tease.

I do have to give a great big, ginormous thank you to the beautiful Powell family, who treated me with a second package this weekend. I’m giving the thank you here just in case I don’t manage to get a letter in the mail as I’d like. The package included some wonderful pre-loved goodies as well as a hat that matches his “piggie” outfit (which I LOVE), a shirt of Naomi’s design that reads “je ne parle pas anglais” (which I think is just brilliant and she ought to start marketing) and a beautiful, plaid, organic cotton, long-sleeved shirt with turtle buttons that is in gorgeous fall colors. Oh, and the piece de resistance? A picture from Hannah to my little piglet, Cole. It’s fantastic, Hannah- Thank you. I just have to ask, where is a picture from Jonah? That would have really rounded the whole package out. But anyway, Thank you, dearest Powell family. You’ve been a great source of support and I’m in your debt. If we ever live near enough again there’ll be babysitting all around.

Just in case this whole “full moon” thing works, I’m going to go take a little nap now. Wish me luck.

(Don’t forget to get in your guesses about his due date! It’s not too late until it is…HA! Funny sentence…)