Oct 18 2005

I feel like I now have to update everyday so that you all don’t start thinking crazy thoughts like that I’ve had this baby already or something. At this point, I don’t think he’s ever going to come out. He’s going to grow up inside my abdomen. It’ll be akward, but we’ll save on the cost of shoes.

I’ve been getting calls from family members every night for the last few. I think I might just record a message on the machine that says “No. Not yet. Seriously- when it happens, WE WILL CALL.” Do you think they’d be offended? Probably.

I still feel horrible. In fact, worse every day. I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually a cold. At least the shingles have all but cleared up. They aren’t even raised anymore. That’s enough to be excited about right there.

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow morning. Maybe she can give me some good news. Like that I’ll have him before the weekend is over.

One piece of good news that I already have and that is keeping me going: my mom will be here on the 29th. At least her arrival is predictable, unlike some tiny brats I can think of… ahem. She not only has a due date but a due hour and minute. That’s what I’m talking about.

Let’s just get this over with so I can talk about something else, okay? Cause you know I won’t shut up about this until it’s over.

Of course, then you’ll just have to listen to Cole stories.