Oct 23 2005

Can it acurately be called nesting if I’m just cleaning the way I always should?

Yesterday I couldn’t sit still. Never mind that I was two days away from my “due date” and still suffering with a hurt ankle- that wasn’t going to stop me! I rearranged John’s drawers (not a euphamism), flipped the mattress (again, not a euphamism), changed the sheets, did ALL of the laundry, ALL of the dishes, baked cookies, cleaned the counters, took out the garbage and did basic picking up and rearranging in all of the rooms except John’s office (which I’m too scared to touch).

The things I wanted to do but didn’t because of the chemicals involved: bathtub, sinks, carpet scrubbing, furniture painting. The things I didn’t do because of physical limitations: basement (wow, it needs some help), garden (again- HELP!).

So now what do I do? I’ve left nothing for today but vacuuming, which does need to get done but is boring and won’t take long even if I include the baseboards, which I plan to. John even swept the kitchen floor already so I don’t have that. Maybe I ‘ll just have to post once an hour, every hour all day long. Yeah, that’s gonna happen…

Hmmm… I wonder if the bathmats need to be washed again?

Oct 23 2005

No pressure or anything, right?

So I got a call last night from my father. He and my mom are in Napa (California) on an all-expense paid wine tour given to them by one of his clients (his company builds a lot of wine caves). They had been drinking wine all day and had just won a $200 magnum of champagne and had to call to tell me that they were going to use it to celebrate Cole’s birth and I had better get on it.

Now, I know he was just teasing (and a little trashed). I know that’s how my dad is. But do you really think it’s wise to call a woman who has been on pins and needles for days about the possibility of going into labor and tell her that she better step on it so that you can get your drink on?

Let’s just say that he’s lucky that he was in California and I am in Pennsylvania.