Nov 05 2005

Oh my… so much to say, so little to say… where to even start?

You’ve all , no doubt, read the re-cap of my labor experience on John’s site. I begged him not to put up any pictures with my gargantuan boobs but he didn’t listen. I’m very sorry for you all.

Speaking of hideously large breasts, they have only continued to grow now that my milk is in. Cole latches beautifully and he has been taking full advantage of the 24 hour boobie buffet. I’m sure he’s gained back most of the weight he lost after birth by now.

I am still recovering. The boy was not easy on me when he came out. I will be a much more pleasant person to be around once I can walk comfortably. Even so, I have no regrets about how his birth went. It was just as I’d imagined and I feel very lucky.

Cole is also sleeping like a champ at night. I actually get a few solid hours at a time. I never knew how wonderful sleeping with a tiny little baby could be. We cuddle and nurse and stare at each other all night. I think it’s a joy that only other mothers can fully relate to. I highly recommend it.

I haven’t been feeling any post- partum depression. I don’t know if that’s something that can come later, but right now I’m very happy. Cole makes me laugh every day.

The other morning I was changing his diaper in bed. While his first diaper was off and I was cleaning him, frothy poop started coming out. I quickly put a wipe in the way and it stopped. When I felt brave enough to give it another try, I pulled the wipe away. More poop froth spurted out and I stuck the wipe back. It immediately stopped again. Once more I tried to pull the wipe away. This time, I really thought I would make it when a foamy poop rocket came shooting out. It went all up my shirt and into my hair. I couldn’t stop laughing. Later that day, I was kneeling on the bed facing the wall behind the poop explosion. I noticed some marks and leaned closer. There on the wall were spots of poop from the rocket. He shot poop 4 feet! Do you think that’s a record? If he doesn’t work out, do you think the circus would take him?

His cheeks are chunking out and he is starting to smile- not AT anything, but smiles all the same. When he really smiles at us, he will break our hearts, I’m sure. I think he may even have dimples.

He sleeps in the car and has been a perfect child every time we have gone anywhere. He’s SO easy going. He hardly ever cries.

For me, he is the most fantastic thing on earth and I have never loved anything more. I am already amazingly protective of him and can’t imagine life without him.

And now he’s hungry again.