Nov 30 2005

So today Cole and I are working on eating only every two hours instead of every hour. The good news? I was able to express an ounce (a whole fucking ounce? WOW!) of milk last night and he happily took it in a bottle from John. This kid doesn’t care in what form it comes as long as it’s boobie juice. He also responds rather nicely to a pacifier, so I have hope ( I never used to like pacifiers and I refuse to call them “binkies”. I hate that stupid word).

We saw the pediatrician yesterday. Or maybe I should say “man who must be in the employ of the baby formula company”. The asshole pushes switching to formula every time I see him! He also can’t seem to remember that Cole is uncircumcised and asks about how his penis is doing every time. “Well, doc, his penis is great, seeing as we didn’t barbarically chop off all the skin with nerve endings for no good reason. How’s yours?” He also tries to tell me every time that we’ll have to start pulling back Cole’s foreskin eventually, which is just outright FALSE. I hate this man. I think I need to find a new pediatrician. Maybe one who actually knows medicine would be good.

The doc told me that next time Cole comes in he’ll be getting vaccinations. I find this interesting since he never even asked me if I want Cole to get shots. I’m not sure that I do. How do you all feel about them? Did you or would you have your kids get them? John and I have to talk about it. He’s more for them than I am. We’ll probably end up deciding on a case by case basis for each vaccine, but I want to be sure aboiut our decisions. I’ll tell you one thing- he’s not getting the chicken pox vaccine. Not after the trouble I’ve had with shingles. The vaccine makes the chances of getting shingles far greater and makes you more likely to get bad cases multiple times. I’d rather he get chicken pox once.

Oh the choices we have to make for our children.