Dec 28 2005

So, you thought I was sexy before? Well, just wait! I’m wearing a sweater today because I have baby puke on my shirt and had nothing else to change into. Aren’t I just yummy?

On a totally unrelated note, I was driving into work this morning, bitching to myself about the weather (and having puke on my shirt), when a Cat Power song came on the radio. I don’t know if I’ve made myself clear before (HA!) but I really dislike Cat Power. This morning I was trying to figure out why.

I’ll admit, a small part of it comes from me being a supreme contrarian. For example: when I lived in Eureka, CA, home of the hippie trustafarians (“rastas” who beg but actually have trust funds), I was totally anti hippie, anti organic, etc because I was slammed over the head with it daily and it pissed me off. Now that I live in (awful) Pitts-burgh, PA and can’t find decent vegetarian food to save my life, I am seeking out organics and dreaming about living in California in a yurt. You get the picture- I’m never very mainstream, no matter what stream I’m splashing in. So the fact that Cat Power all of a sudden became so god damn popular is not a selling point for me.

But really, that’s not all of why I dislike her. The biggest reason why is because she’s a sad bastard poser. In my opinion, she would really love to be deep and emotionally charged, but she just isn’t. Instead, she comes off as a pouty bitch. Who’s an example of a good sad bastard female musician you might ask. Nina Simone.

The last part of why I dislike her is that her voice sucks. It’s breathy and off-pitch enough times to make my ears twinge.

Take exception if you will. In fact, I’d love to hear why you like her, if you do. I’d give her another chance if I had a good enough reason to. But I’d probably still not like her. Because I’m just like that.