Dec 30 2005

I see how it is. You’re all HUGE Cat Power fans and now you hate me and won’t talk to me anymore. I try to write one post that’s not entirely about baby stuff and this is what I get- the silent treatment. Fine. I didn’t need any of you anyway.


Anyway, Cole can now bring his hands together in front of his body and stuff them in his mouth. He loooves his hands, almost as much as he loves the boobie. He can also lift his head up while on his belly and scan from side to side pretty well. For a second. Believe it or not, these are really cool things and he is just a bit ahead in his physical development. He’s going to be a strong one. Sometimes he fights us and we’re amazed at his strength and will. I mean, I punch him and he’s unfazed. He punches me and I’m K.O.’d.

(What, you really think I punch my child? Shame on you. He has punched me though.)

I’ve noticed that a lot of oher blogging mums write sweet letters to their babies at each month to chronicle their development and their parent’s love for them. Though I do honestly think this is a nice idea, it’s not for me. Partly it’s because I don’t want to be a copycat (any more than I already am), but partly it’s because I just don’t think I could write such a thing. It would end up sounding too clinical and, instead of tear-up-your-eyes sweet, would be offputting. “This month the baby has developed an oral fixation, has been eating 32 ounces per day and gained a pound and a half.” See what I mean? Not sweet.

So, Cole, If you are reading this when you are older, know this: Mommy is ALWAYS proud of you, ALWAYS notices the new and amazing things you do and will ALWAYS love you, no matter how lazy about posting it she becomes. Have no fear.

Love, Mom

Dec 30 2005

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Rampaging across the hotel lobby, brandishing a thorned whip, cometh Danielle! And she gives a vengeful scream:

“I’m going to spackle you with wasabi!”

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I love wasabi.

Dec 30 2005


(Just so you know, I’m actually singing the above to my own little tune.)(And now I’m doing a little seat-dance to it, too.)

Dec 30 2005

Photo Dump!

These are super dark, but he’s SO pretty. I’m going to work on them to try to get him a bit more visible.

Me and Cole on Christmas morning:

The dragon hat- a present from Titi (My Mom’s Grandma name, pronounced T.T.):

The scary dragon boy:

Feeding the hungry beast: