Jan 11 2006

My eyes are just a little bit green.

As you no doubt have realized, I have returned to work. I had a temp while on pregnancy leave (can’t call it maternity leave or they’d have to offer it to the men, too) and I had gotten to know her while training her before I left. We got along fine, though she’s a major catholic and I’m an…well, y’know. (See? Our differences aren’t that great. We both still love our kids, eat, poop (though I don’t admit it), drive, laugh, cry, etc…) I left feeling good about the stability of my position when I returned.

Since I’ve been back, however, I’m not so confident. See, they kept her on. In a different capacity, but there all the same. Which means that there is someone else there who knows how to do everything I do. Plus, she took some of my responsibilities with her. I grant you, they were some of the most hated responsibilities and I’m normally grateful for things that allow me to be more lazy, but now I fear for my job. I have about two hours worth of work to do each day. How long will it take for them to realize and cut back on my hours, or worse, cut me out entirely? And I don’t think my boss is too pleased with me at the moment (he asked me to buy football tickets on ebay for him, but after looking for an hour I realized I know NOTHING about football and I was afraid I would spend $1500 on seats out in the parking lot or something and so asked him to choose.)

Yes, I know I would love to be at home with my son, but seeing as how I’m the ONLY bread-winner in the family right now, it’s not an option. I can’t lose this job! I really want more work to do. My day goes by faster and I feel better about myself and being there when I have work to do. I’m begging you: GIVE ME SOMETHING!

AND they gave her an office with a door (I’m in the middle of a busy room). AND they bought her a new computer, after I had been asking for one since I got there a year ago. AND she gets to go out to lunch with my friend (actually, I love going home to see my boys).

Uh oh. Here comes that jealousy monster again…

Jan 10 2006

Yes, they really are.

To those of you questioning my sanity at saying that donuts are evil: You are obviously not new mommies trying to lose pregnancy weight and having to shield yourselves from the seductive come-hither looks of the free donuts in the coffee room that nobody would even notice if you took several of and scarfed them down in a minute flat. So there.

Damn slutty donuts.

Mostly, though, I was testing out the title option and couldn’t quite get it to work at first.

So nobody really commented on my post about the secret. I totally wanted to spill but couldn’t because it would have ruined a surprise. Now I can because it happened this past weekend.

I flew to Phoenix, AZ with Cole and surprised my Grandmother (who hadn’t seen him before) and my Sister and Nephew. I left on Friday and got back last night. John stayed home and got some work done. It was a wonderful weekend, but I have come to realize something about myself: I am insane and a glutton for punishment. I must be for trying to travel by myself with an infant. You should have seen me jogging through the airport: hiking backpack and huge carseat strapped on top of a suitcase with wheels, just so that I could have the wheel portion, dragging behind me; one over-stuffed diaper bag; one over-stuffed mommy bag; one winter coat; one sweater; one baby in a sling; one panicked grimace for being late. Perhaps I burned off some of those donuts.

Everyone was completely surprised and excited. I was so happy to be able to have my Grandmother hold my son beofre he gets too old. The next possible chance to see her would have been this spring and he will be so different by then. She was really needing a tiny baby fix.

Cole was, yet again, the best baby a mommy could hope for. For such a tiny guy he sure has enough stuff. Half the suitcase was for him and we used it all. He did pee on me on the plane ride there- I was changing him and he decided to play fountain- but I won’t hold it against him. Though it was difficult traveling, it was wonderful to have four days with him. He’s more fun everyday. He grew and changed just in those four days- even John said so. And it was a thrill to discover that he now recognizes me. Even if to no one else, I am special to him, and that’ll get me through all the hard days.

It was hard coming back to Pittsburgh. Leaving 70 degree weather for 30 degree weather? I’m not that much of a glutton for punishment.

Jan 10 2006

De-Lurking Week

I’m late to the game, as always, but it’s de-lurking week in the blogosphere. I’d love to hear from you if you visit but rarely say hi. I’d love to hear from you even if you comment often. Just comment! Of course, I’ll reciprocate.

Jan 10 2006

I’m My Own Blog!

Yea!! I’m no longer buried in the bowels of my husband’s site. Thanks to Elex and my husband for setting it up for me.

Jan 09 2006



Jan 05 2006

Donuts Are Evil

How do y’all feel about the general look of the site? It’s been, more or less, the same for quite a few years now. Time for a change?

Jan 03 2006

While my New Year’s eve was spent in the relative quiet of a house with a newborn, my New Year’s day was much more exciting.

John, Cole and I were invited to a dinner at the house of one of John’s former office mates from school. She and her husband are both Grad students at CMU and both originally from China. Of course, having not had a chance recently to be with other adults, we accepted.

When we got there we found out that another couple originally from China would be joining us. Both couples are expecting babies this year (6 months and 7 months along, respectively) so thay wanted to check out our spawn and ask questions. I was happy to be a know it all after getting it from others my whole friggin pregnancy. They asked for it, though.

We had a lovely evening discussing the Taiwan prob…ahem…situation, religion (they are all christian), Chinese history, food, cultural practices and, of course, babies. Cole was perfectly charming and smiled and cooed to his new friends all night. They cuddled and oohed and awwed at him and were totally smitten.

I was looking forward to dinner in hopes that I might get to experience some REAL chinese cooking, and I wasn’t disappointed. A quick overview based on main ingredients: pork ribs with potatoes and eggs (spicy); seaweed and sprout salad with black sesame seeds; mushrooms and baby bok choy (OH YUM!); pork, sweet potato and rice slow cooked in a lotus leaf; fermented rice and “sticky rice ball” soup; pig’s ears.

Yeah, that’s right. Pig’s ears.

I ate three strips.

The flavor was good, but I couldn’t handle the texture. The thought of eating pig’s ears was a bit disturbing, too (though I’m willing to eat the rest- why not the ears?). I ate enough to decide that I don’t really care for pig’s ears.

The rest of the food was beyond reproach. I could handle visiting China if the food was going to be as good as that. The flavors were so wonderful and so different even though most of the ingredients are ones I’ve used plenty of times. I want to learn!

Except, now how am I supposed to go back to crappy american “chinese” food? It’s just not even close.