Jan 13 2006

More Help Requested

I’ve decided to keep a journal/notebook about Cole- the making of, birth, development, etc.- for him to have when he’s much older. I have a lot so far, but I want to give him as complete a picure as possible.

What would you all love to be able to know about your childhood?

Jan 13 2006

I’m a bad, bad friend.

A dear friend gave me an Amazon gift certificate for christmas. I got him…nothing. I haven’t even written a card of thanks. Or an email. Or called. He had to call and ask if I’d gotten it. Omigawd, do I suck.

And it’s a nice gift. For normal people it would be a perfect gift- Amazon has just about everything. For me? It’s overwhelming. I will admit it here first: I am internet-shopping challenged (in non-PC terms: major web ‘tard).

There are too many choices. Do I get a book? A DVD? Shoes? Camera? Okay, let’s narrow it down to the things he suggested: a book or a movie.

I never know what books to get. I have to wander in bookstores until I see a cover that appeals to me and then I take a chance. That’s why I like a good series- I don’t have to wonder what I should read next. I can’t buy books online because I wouldn’t even know where to start.

So, a DVD. When I’m not looking for movies, I can always think of ones I’d like to see. As soon as I start looking for one, either to buy or to rent, my mind goes completely blank. I mean total wipe out.

It’s a serious disability, I know. (Do you think it’s bad enough to get me a handicapped parking permit?)

So I’m utterly stuck. I don’t even want to look anymore because I’m too frustrated. I want to get something and tell him how much I’m enjoying it, but I honestly don’t know what to get. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but then his Amazon wish list is, like, a billion pages long.

What should I get? This is a problem right up there with solving world hunger and how to get out of Iraq, so please give it your serious consideration.

(And what should I get for him? I wanted to get something all along, but for me baby=no time for anything else.)

If only Amazon sold massages…

(And to the dear, gift-giving friend: Thanks, Darlin’. I don’t deserve it.)