Jan 23 2006

Weekend Update

Sorry for the whole not posting thing. Things are going a little crazy here and it was just kinda low on my list of priorities. I also haven’t been getting a whole lot of sleep- it doesn’t help my attempts to be clever.

Speaking of no sleep, I was trying to catch up a bit on Sunday morning (John got Saturday) so I asked John to take Cole. I was just getting back to sleep about 15 minutes later when I heard John start down the stairs followed by a loud crashing/thumping noise and Cole screaming. I leapt out of bed like it was on fire yelling “What happened?! What Happened?!”. I saw John and Cole on the stairs, John on his ass. I don’t think I touched a single stair on my flight down. Naked, might I add.

John said that he had been going down the stairs when he slipped on part of the carpet that is coming up (was never tacked down properly) and started to fall forward. Seeing that Cole was going to fall out of his arms, he grabbed him and squeezed him close and leaned back, ending up sliding down instead. Cole never fell, never touched the ground.

I grabbed Cole from him and sat on the steps crying and shaking as if it had happened to me. When I felt safe to walk again, I took him upstairs and undressed him to check on everything.

Everybody is JUST FINE. No lasting harm done, except to my heart. I don’t think Cole will even have the tiniest of bruises anywhere. John hurt his arm a little, but he’s really fine too.

But what a way to start the morning!

If I had had any question about how much I love my son, I no longer would. I was willing to give my life for his if he was even hurt. He is more precious to me than anything. Like I have heard other people say, he really is my heart living outside my body.

And I’ve only known him 3 months.