Jan 30 2006

Not much time left now…

Here I am, in the last week here at my job, with nothing to do. It’s funny, I still have these feelings of wanting to do my job really well and show up on time and not leave early and such even though what’s the worst they could do if I fucked up? Fire me?!

Today is not the best. We have so much to do and, though we did get a lot done over the weekend, catching up on sleep did not get checked off the list. I think extreme fatigue is on the schedule for every day for the rest of my life which means that I will continue to abuse caffeine.

Decisions were made yesterday about how we will actually move. We were going to rent a trailer but my Father and Aunt both say that a trailer would blow up my engine and I like my little car, so that plan is trash-canned. Instead, my parents are sacrificing their own personal time and flying out here to drive a rented truck back for us so that John, Cole, Yokie and I can all ride together in our car. My parents were great before, but it’s amazing how giving them a grandson has really increased their willingness to help us out.

Except now? They want to try to do the trip in three days. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to California in THREE DAYS. With a BABY.

Someone needs to be checked into the loony bin- either them for thinking it can be done or me for going along with it.

I don’t even know if it’s possible to do it in three days. Especially because of the following: I was talking to Mom and said that I could be awake from 6:30 to about 10:00 and be clear enough to drive. She said “oh, I don’t think we should go that late”. Uh, Mom? I love ya, but how else do you think we can do a, roughly, 40 hour drive in three days? We need to be DRIVING for at least 13 hours a day! Are we never allowed to stop? ‘Cause, if so, you need to find super-mega-plus diapers for all of us. And I think we’ll end up with some nasty cases of diaper rash.

But it’s amazing to have their support. Cole is a very lucky little guy to have grandparents like them. Even if they are nutters.