Feb 02 2006

Oy Vey! The Drama!

The ladies here at work all want to get together with me next week so that we can say farewell before I take off. They are going to meet me for lunch at a nearby restaurant. However, they don’t want the woman who temped for me to come because most of them don’t like her. While I’m certainly not her biggest fan (she’s the one who unknowingly condemned me to burn in hell after a painful death), I’ve been left out of fun things before in my life more than I really like to admit or remember. And it hurts to be left out. But one of the ladies here has sort of adopted me as her work daughter and she’s the one who hates the temp the most. She won’t go if the temp goes and I really want her there.

Wait, it gets worse.

Yesterday the temp came up to me and told me that she’s really going to miss me and that I’m the only one here she can trust or talk to. (Stab!Stab! Into my heart!)

So how do I manage to not hurt her feelings but still get to say goodbye to my work friends?

I know it’s kind of trivial, but it still really sucks.

Feb 02 2006

Junkie doesn’t BEGIN to describe it.

Since I have been back to work, I have needed some help in the afternoon with the whole “staying awake” thing (highly overrated, let me tell you). Smacking my knees into my desk drawers was losing its charm, so I decided to try chemicals- Diet Dr. Pepper, so be precise.

I have NEVER in my life liked diet sodas and, in fact, have always avoided them like they were the boy who masturbated through his coat pocket during high school english class.

But diet Dr. Pepper? I have become absurdly addicted to it. I dream about it. I have a fanatical craving for the stuff. I used to like regular Dr. Pepper before I gave up drinking soda (mostly), but never like this. Do you think the secret ingredient is Heroin?

Yesterday, after I finished my hit…I mean…bottle, I even went so far as to plot a route miles out of my way that would take me to a place where I could score another. Then I realized that it would mean more time away from my baby and decided that I should just go home. Plus, driving miles out of my way for a SODA? Is just frickin’ sad, people.

So do I go get one today or not? Do I quit cold turkey or just let myself have this “one little thing” because without it I may end up with my keyboard firmly imprinted on my forehead? “Cause I don’t really think that’d be a good look for me…

Feb 02 2006

A Word of Advice

To new or expecting mamas out there: Do not, I repeat, NOT watch March of the Penguins unless you want to be left sobbing your eyes out while squeezing your baby tightly to your chest and rocking back and forth.

Can you tell what I did last night?

But it is a beautiful movie.

Then I watched a PBS special on ballroom dancing and went to bed happy.