Mar 30 2006

A few more, just ’cause I like ya…

That’s right Cole, pray for your sinner parents.

He’s doing the SoDuKo Puzzle with Daddy… Awww, Bonding…

Talk into the Microphone-Foot

Let the Baby Einstein Brain Washing COMMENCE!

Y’know Mom, I like you. You’re not like the other mommies here at the trailer park.

Oh, you’re so welcome. Don’t mention it.

(Never mind total lack of content. Be mesmerized by baby pictures. That’s right. You’re HAPPY with the baby pictures. You don’t need to think. No, no. Keep your eyes on the pendulum. On the count of 3 you will tell me how pretty you think I am. 1…2…3)

Mar 29 2006

Today’s Menu- Peanut Butter Cookies!

Yesterday when I picked up Cole, his day care provider admitted that she “cheated” (her word) and fed him vanilla custard. I don’t know if she caught the look of murderous rage that flashed across my face, but I tried to play it like it wasn’t a big deal.

But, to me, it is a big deal. I have a very particular way that I am introducing foods to him and vanilla custard was not on the schedule for another few YEARS. I don’t want him eating that shit at all, and especially not as one of his first foods. Not to mention that we don’t know if he has allergies yet and we have no medical insurance to use if he has a reaction to anything.

I had it all planned in my head to say something about it when I dropped him off this morning, but did I actually go through with it? No. Of course not. I chickened the fuck out.

Y’know why? Because I was afraid of her retaliating and harming him somehow.

I should not be afraid of my day-care provider.

This whole situation is so wrong. I know that no one will take care of him like I do, but I don’t want to be afraid to ask.

Why can’t I just win the lottery so that I can afford to quit my job and be with him all the time? I’ve been told that you need to actually PLAY the lottery to be able to win. Pssht. Whatever.

Mar 28 2006

Since I seem to be able to post pictures again, here’s another for good measure. That’s my Mom. I have a picture almost just like this of me and her when I was about his age. Or was it from last week…?

And did I ever post this? Thanks to Michelle for the adorable “My Horse” onesie. Michelle- can you believe that he’s almost grown out of it?! Aaak!!

Cole says “Howdy, Pardner.”

I’m feeling much better today, though I’m wondering why in hell I moved back to California. It has been raining, hailing, and thunderstorming all day. And I wore my leather soled shoes today, too. Let’s all sing! Slip-slidin’ away; slip-slidin’ awa-ay…

Mar 28 2006


Here’s the picture I’ve been trying to post FOREVER! Now it’s not even new anymore.

Do you see his drooly, “I’m seconds away from popping out a tooth” chin? Or should I say chins…

Mar 27 2006


On Friday I went home feeling really ill. I stayed in my pjs all day Saturday. I felt a bit better on Sunday and went shopping for a stroller. Today I am back at work and I feel almost worse than ever. It’s not fair! I thought I was just going to keep getting better after yesterday. Today I feel like I’m mere seconds away from heaving my guts all over my keyboard but I think they probably frown on that here at work. Especially the IT department. Which my husband is a part of.

But I can’t even go home today if they forced me. The ants are really bad this year in this county. Today my house is being sprayed so that the ants will stop trying to carry off the dog and cat along with every piece of sugar ever sprinkled anywhere. It’s not my idea to have the house sprayed. In fact, I hate the idea. I’ll spend the next few weeks (at least) feeling like I can’t let Cole touch anything. I’m completely paranoid about pesticides. I’ve been told that they and babies don’t mix with pleasant results.

So I’m stuck here at work, trying to make tea and 7-up be enough to get me through the day. I have 3 hours left. I hate 7-up.

Mar 23 2006


I did it!

Well, half of it anyway.

I have a reservation at the San Jose Hyatt for the 2006 BlogHer conference.

Now I just need to register for the actual conference…

I’m thinking of going for just the Saturday session, but I’ll have to go down there on Friday night to make the 7:30 AM start, so I guess I might as well go to the Friday night cocktail party. If my arm is twisted enough.

I would like to bring Cole with me, but I’m not sure how that would fly in sessions. He’s awesome and quiet and I would leave if he started acting up. What do you think? Would that be totally inappropriate?

Sadly, I think I’ll be the least known and most boring blogger there. I’ll also feel left out, I’m sure, because I don’t own a laptop. No live-blogging BlogHer for me! Sometimes I think it’s good that I’m not that nuts. Most of the time I think it puts me at a disadvantage. Whatever. I’m not in this to gain fame and notoriety. A few comments would be cool though.

There are bloggers going whom I would really love to meet. Again, sadly, I am one of the little people and I’m sure they’ll be surrounded by more interesting people and other hangers-on and won’t have time for little ol’ me.

In other news, I’ve been trying to load more recent pictures of Cole but I can’t get it to work for some reason. It’s always worked before. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I’m trying to do it from work. Perhaps I’m being blocked. I mean, the reason we’re monitored in the first place is because a former employee was posting pictures of herself having sex to some website from her work computer. (BTW-How stupid can you get?) Maybe my innocent picture posting of my child has been blocked because of porn. Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us! Blame porn for the lack of delicious, adorable baby pictures.

Ok, that last sentence sounded wrong somehow. Anyway, you know what I mean.

Mar 22 2006

Last Sunday night we went out to a movie for the first time without Cole. Not only that, but we went early and had drinks at Applebees (which I detest- it was someone else’s idea). We saw V for Vendetta. It was alright. I missed Cole the whole time.

When we got home, my parents were up and my Mom was holding Cole. They said “We have a sick boy.” As my sister was also standing right there, I thought they might be talking about my nephew and so I asked “My boy?” They said yes, that he seemed quite sick. Because I just SO didn’t want it to be true, I again said “MY boy?” They looked at me like I was stupid and said “Yeah!” My head started yelling “NoNoNoNoNoNo.”

I picked him up and they gave me the run down of his symptoms: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Listlessness. I couldn’t stop hugging him and rocking. He woke up and flashed me a smile- a trooper through it all.

He threw up and pooped all night- not pleasant for either of us. This was the first time he had been really sick and I was scared. I kept waking up to check that he was still breathing. I haven’t done that since he was a newborn.

That’ll teach me to go out without him! The guilt of having been out while he was not well is still getting to me.

He was still not keeping much down the next day so I skipped work. Even though I could tell that he didn’t feel good, he was still the nicest little guy to be around. I’m so very lucky.

He’s back at daycare today. I think he’s doing a lot better but I still can’t stop thinking about him. I thought this daycare thing would get easier as we went along, but I miss him more every day. Each day pushes me closer to wanting to quit to be with him- something we absolutely can’t afford and is, therefore, not even an option.

He’s 5 months old this week. Why do I feel like I’ve loved him forever?

Mar 15 2006

Woah, crazy.

So, we’ve been here in California for several weeks now, but things have been so crazy that this is the first time I’ve even given thought to posting.


Firstly, the trip. We almost got stuck in West Virginia because of the snow. Need I say more? Other than that, the trip was fine. I drove the ENTIRE way. The one very sad note- we couldn’t stop and see Hannah and Brian. I’m still pouty about it.

I started my job. It’s good. At least it’s more engaging and challenging than my last. I like the offices. I like the people I work with. They like that I can occasionally use my brain.

John has a job. Actually, we are working for the same company. He starts work tomorrow. I’m very excited to be able to see him during the day.

Cole has been in daycare for almost two weeks and I already need to find someone else. I’m very unhappy about where he is. I’ll just leave it at that for now…

Cole has been changing so fast. He now uses consonants in his babbling. He says mama (it’s only accidental, but I count it anyway). He can almost sit up unassisted. He’s not yet seeming motivated at all to roll over, which is okay with me because I can still leave him on the bed for a few minutes (while I’m still in the room) and not worry that he’ll roll off.

We’ve also started giving him “solid” food. I know it’s early, but he loves it and he eats REALLY well. He’s had rice cereal, apple sauce, yams and the tiniest taste of yogurt (really tiny!). He loves it ALL. I do not love the diapers, but daycare usually takes care of that so HA!

We’re living with my parents- not ideal, but they get lots of time with Cole and we get to save up money. We’d like to go right into buying a house instead of throwing money away by renting, but “entry-level” houses up here start at about $350,000 right now- a little out of our range. We’re devising a plan.

There are lots of other little issues, but I’ll save them for later. I may not be posting as often due to dial-up only at home and monitored internet usage at work. We’ll see how it goes.

(I hope I didn’t lose everyone due to my absence.)