Mar 27 2006


On Friday I went home feeling really ill. I stayed in my pjs all day Saturday. I felt a bit better on Sunday and went shopping for a stroller. Today I am back at work and I feel almost worse than ever. It’s not fair! I thought I was just going to keep getting better after yesterday. Today I feel like I’m mere seconds away from heaving my guts all over my keyboard but I think they probably frown on that here at work. Especially the IT department. Which my husband is a part of.

But I can’t even go home today if they forced me. The ants are really bad this year in this county. Today my house is being sprayed so that the ants will stop trying to carry off the dog and cat along with every piece of sugar ever sprinkled anywhere. It’s not my idea to have the house sprayed. In fact, I hate the idea. I’ll spend the next few weeks (at least) feeling like I can’t let Cole touch anything. I’m completely paranoid about pesticides. I’ve been told that they and babies don’t mix with pleasant results.

So I’m stuck here at work, trying to make tea and 7-up be enough to get me through the day. I have 3 hours left. I hate 7-up.