Mar 28 2006

Since I seem to be able to post pictures again, here’s another for good measure. That’s my Mom. I have a picture almost just like this of me and her when I was about his age. Or was it from last week…?

And did I ever post this? Thanks to Michelle for the adorable “My Horse” onesie. Michelle- can you believe that he’s almost grown out of it?! Aaak!!

Cole says “Howdy, Pardner.”

I’m feeling much better today, though I’m wondering why in hell I moved back to California. It has been raining, hailing, and thunderstorming all day. And I wore my leather soled shoes today, too. Let’s all sing! Slip-slidin’ away; slip-slidin’ awa-ay…

Mar 28 2006


Here’s the picture I’ve been trying to post FOREVER! Now it’s not even new anymore.

Do you see his drooly, “I’m seconds away from popping out a tooth” chin? Or should I say chins…