Apr 10 2006


I have Cole in a new daycare program starting on Monday! That means just one more week in the hell-hole. I’m so relieved and excited that I’m shaking.

I completely trust the new lady. She took care of my nephew for a few years when he was younger, and would take care of him still if he hadn’t moved away. She’s clean, she’s safe, and kids just love her. They do art projects when they’re old enough and their days are nicely structured. I know already that there are some things about her that are a bit frustrating, but they pale significantly compared to the horrors of the place where he has been. At least I know he won’t come home hurt anymore.

I’m not going to give notice. I’m just going to tell her on Friday when I pick him up that we won’t be back on Monday. Then I’m going to report her to ICES and the state because, honestly? There are some major problems with the way she does things. I’m really not just being picky or petty.

So celebrate with me today! Only 4 more days in the baby torture chamber for Cole! And my Mom said she may be able to take him for at least one of those days. Hooray!!