May 18 2006

Oh Holy Crap, the Pictures! They Are Taking Over!!

To set the scene, these were some of the amazing Iris that were blooming last weekend. There were even more, but I needed the space on my memory card for pictures of Cole, obviously.

Here is Cole on the day we were supposed to be in the parade (didn’t happen). He was dressed as a baby from the Gold Rush era. They were all dressed like girls then.


(Talk about freaks- that’s my mother on the sidelines POSING the freakin’ cat to get her in the shot.)(Unless you actually thought that my cat could fly. Which she can. Totally.)

And here’s more lounging in the wagon. Cole says “Hi!” and he’s saving you a space right next to him.

(Side note on the whole wagon thing: If your child is just barely able to sit up by himself, it’s a good idea to put pillows in back for when you are pulling the wagon. I’m not saying it happened to me, but without this advice many parents have started pulling the wagon twice and had their child’s precious head thunk against the back twice before they figured out that the whole pillow idea is a good one. Now you know and don’t have to make the same mistake.)

For those of you new to the non-stop party here at heels, this is the doggie I’ve been trying so hard to hold on to. Everyone thinks she’s a boy. She’s NOT. She’s just in touch with her masculine side.

(Side note on the dog thing (side-side note to self: “dog-thing” sounds kinda wrong. Avoid in future.): when I was looking for a dog in the shelters of Pittsburgh, one of the pups I could have taken home was a hermaphrodite. My dog is not.)

And yet more of Cole enjoying the newly re-discovered wagon. What a babe.

Dang, his cheeks look chubby.

May 16 2006

Blah-di Blah, blah, blah.

Well, right now my computer is not cooperating and I can’t post pictures. Perhaps the preciousness is overwhelming. Maybe you all should be thankful that you were spared the diabetes that would undoubtedly come from seeing all the the pictures of my sweet baby boy that I had in store for you. There’s always tomorrow!

As I happened to mention earlier, we got our house today. I wish I could say we were buying it, but it’s just a rental. Still, it’s fantastic. The best part is that we can keep Yoko and she will have a great place to run during the day in the backyard. It may be the best place she’s lived in so far! It’s my favorite house that we’ve lived in, and we haven’t even lived there yet (maybe that’s why it’s still my favorite) (Of course, you couldn’t get a whole lot worse than the house we had in Humboldt). I really think we’ll be happy there. It’s a good home for a small family like ours.

And you are ALL invited to come visit! It’ll be great! If we run out of room in the house, you can sleep on the porch- it’s California, it won’t rain! (Oh wait, what am I saying? Even if we were living in a 4 person tent I would have sleeping spaces enough for everyone who reads this page anymore.) It’s a great party house and I think it needs to be broken in. Please don’t make me invite co-workers. Please?

We’re moving in on June 2. We need to figure out how to afford first month’s, the deposit, a washer, and a refrigerator before then. It’s the washer and the frige that are the sticky parts. Unfortunately, I cannot be a mother without the two. They are plainly just necessities and that’s all there is to it. I will not wash out his onesies in the ditch and keep the baby food jars cool in the toilet tank.

Moving in is thrilling though, isn’t it? All the possibilities. The fresh start. The good intentions for keeping things clean. A new direction for decorating (No. You CANNOT hang the Led Zepplin poster in the living room. We ARE NOT in college anymore!). I am the kind of person who, when I actually get the time to do it, loves taking everything out of my bag (I can’t use the word purse- it’s too girly), cleaning everything, and putting it all back properly. Moving in is like that for me. Everything gets it’s own place. I can impose so much order. I love it.

I also love playing house. You don’t think about having to clean your new place daily when you’re moving everything in and setting it up.

And I even like that new house thing of eating pizza while sitting on the floor where the dining room table would go, if you had a dining room table.

I guess I hate moving out of houses (OHMIGAWD- it’s amazing how much crap you can accumulate in only 2 years) but I love moving into them. Is that wrong?

AND we get to set up Cole’s crib again. I’m taking bets on how easy it will be to try to transition a 6 1/2 month old, dedicated cosleeping baby boy into a crib. Any takers? Anyone want to do it for me? I don’t know if I have the strength.

May 16 2006



It’s a good day.

May 15 2006

Mother’s Day

This just about sums it up…

More later when I get a chance to sort through all of the photos.

May 12 2006

Wow. So. Different.

Can you believe the change? But still so much the same?

The first is from when he was about six weeks. The second is six months. Doesn’t he just get prettier as time goes by (despite the green bean and spaghetti noodle face)?


May 12 2006

Can’t I Just Hand Her a Fiver?

Today, I’ve been informed, is child-care professional appreciation day. If I had known last night, I could have done something about it. But, of course, I didn’t find out until lunch time was almost over, so no chance of doing anything about it. I’m thinking that I can drive like a desperate mad woman over to the nursery (the plant one, not the baby one) and pick something out. Any suggestions? What flower says “Thank you for caring for my child, wiping his snot and his stinky butt day after day, cuddling him and having fun with him when I can’t, and letting him bring home lots of germs to his family?” Iris? Daisies? Really, I just have no experience here.

Thank you to our Child Care Professionals- we’re jealous that you get to spend so much time with our wonderful kids, but we couldn’t make everything work without you.

May 12 2006

If only I got this channel, but I have to foil up the rabbit ears to even get NBC.

I am not a fan of CSI: Miami, but I have watched it enough to find this very amusing. It seems to me, though, that you court disaster no matter what your beverage of choice happens to be.

May 11 2006


I just saw the house! I love the house, I love the house, I love the house!! We need to get this place!

Okay, enough with the exclamation marks, but I am so excited about it. They allow dogs (!) but it doesn’t smell like dirty dogs inside- big plus. The back yard is quite large and is part “natural” yard and part deck which would be perfect for Yoko and barbeques (!). It has central heating and air (not on propane- woohoo(!)) AND a woodstove AND a fireplace. It’s three bedrooms and two baths. The Master bedroom has a sliding glass door that goes to the back deck. There is a lot of natural light, which I love. It’s all on one level, except for the living room which drops down a step. It has beautiful trees all around outside. It has a HUGE garage. The neighborhood is really quiet, too.

The only real drawback? It doesn’t have a refrigerator. But, at the price, I can buy a frige and STILL save money in the long run.(!)

I must have this house.

If we get this house I am SO having parties here. I’ll cook- just show up and bring what you want to drink. Sound good? See you there. (!)

(Did I mention I’ve already memorized the address?)

May 11 2006

Where I attempt to combat the significant downturn this page has recently taken.

Tell me: does this look like a 6 month old to you? Seriously- where’s he getting the steroids?
(BTW- his shirt has Yoda on it and says “Size Matters Not.” Yeah- of course it doesn’t matter when you’re HUGE.) (Thanks to my sis for the shirt though. She had no idea he would be so big.)

And this. This did not come out of me. This is too big.

Run for your lives! It’s a MONSTAH!!

But this one? I will claim. O my goodness- the squishiness!

I just love this little man. I only wish he would slow down and let me catch up. This is all going too fast and it seems like I’m missing it.

May 10 2006

You can skip this one.

So on Saturday, on top of Cole getting sick, I also managed to develop poison oak. Seriously, I have NO IDEA how I got it. I wasn’t doing anything outside in the bushes, my dog didn’t get into any, I didn’t do anyone else’s laundry (or my own, for that matter) or any of the other explanations everyone has come up with. No Clue.

Yet, it’s still there. I have it on my right wrist, the back of my left hand, up both arms, up my left shin and ON MY FACE. I feel so lovely…

An obsessive/compulsive like me should never get skin conditions. When I get a sunburn I can’t stop peeling the skin (sometimes, when it’s a really bad one, the pieces that peel off are HUGE. I LOVE that.). With the poison oak, I can’t stop draining the blisters (that sounds even more gross written out than it did in my head). Luckily, they are teensy-tiny and there’s really not much there. But all the same… ick. I just can’t help myself. I have a scar on my leg from about 19 years ago that is only there because I couldn’t keep myself from picking at the scab. It’s really stupid. I annoy even myself.

And it doesn’t stop with me. I pick at my husband and son, too. It drives John CRAZY but Cole is too little to be able to run away yet! HAHA!!

And really, I think it’s pretty gross, too. It’s not that I like to do it- I just CAN’T STOP. Honestly, even Prozac never stopped it (plus I hated it and didn’t take it for very long).

Now that you know WAY too much about me, tell me: do YOU have habits/obsessions/compulsions that you’re less than proud of? Whatever it is, you can tell me. It can’t be worse than mine.