May 02 2006

Fertility Dogs and Rental Searches

I suppose you’d have to call my dog a “fertility dog”. I got her partially because we (I) panicked thought that we couldn’t have children, after 7 months of trying, and needed a furry baby.

And I love her. A lot. Even though I now have my son and we’ve discovered that my dog has the neurosis of an abused, obsessive compulsive, bi-polar, homeless woman on heroin.

Or maybe I exaggerate. But not by much- I swear.

And life was grand. We had our “complete family”- two loving parents, one beautiful, brilliant son, and the lovely (insane) family dog.

And then we had to find a rental in the town that must hate dogs as if they really are abused, obsessive compulsive, bi-polar, homeless women on heroin.

So now we don’t know what to do. We’re still looking for a place that will let us pay through the nose to keep our loving pet. My parents are pushing us to give her back to the pound from whence she came. Their “argument” is that that’s what happened to her before- it’s not like we’d be the first. Huh?! I’m sorry, but we’re just about the only people who would adopt a 6 year old dog, and to send my puppers to the pound would be condemning her to death. I’m going to try a little harder to keep her from dying, thanks. I don’t give up on living things just because they aren’t “easy”. I took on the responsibility of this creature’s life and I’m going to take my responsibility seriously.

But I don’t know what to do if we really can’t find a place that will let us keep her. It’s keeping me up at night. My parents told us the other night that they think that, because we’re trying so hard to hold on to our dog, we’re not providing the best life that we could for our son. Again, what?!

I’m so frustrated with my parents and our situation that I’ve come closer than ever in my life to ripping into them and telling them how I really feel.

But that still doesn’t solve my problem about our dog. Best case scenario: we find a great place and they love dogs. Worst case: I’m not sure I want to think about it.

Anybody want the most affectionate, neurotic, (previously) abused, obsessive compulsive, bi-polar, homeless woman on heroin that ever lived? She gives great hugs!